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Best Viana Tofu, Organic wheat and fine herbs, all in the finest breading. A real Wiener Schnitzel - Viana Style!
Best Viana tofu, organic wheat and fine herbs, all in finest crispy coating - real Wiener schnitzel, Viana style!
Item details The Berentzen Hof distillery in Haselünne produces an excellent grain with an unmistakable, multi-faceted and mild taste from carefully selected grains with the knowledge that has been handed down for several generations Organic wheat, Organic rye, barley malt and soft water from the local Sankt Ansgari spring.
Details With the handed down knowledge of severeal generations, the Berentzen Hof Distillerie in Haselünne crafts an outstanding Korn with a distinctive, multi-faceted and mild flavor from carefully selected organic wheat, organic rye, malted barley and soft water of the local Sankt Ansgari spring.
They say chestnuts - 2 tons per acre, which is about the same as at Organic wheat.

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Mainly this is Organic wheat, Bio Rye and organic spelled. The conversion to 100% organic has been aimed for for a long time and has now finally been implemented due to the increasing capacity utilization in the organic sector.
On the 3rd of July 2008 the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria for the first time awarded The Energy Efficiency Award "Helios".
A natural formula with wheat-, bio Birch and burdock root extract that is suitable for the whole family and all hair types for daily use.
A natural formula with wheat, organic birch and burdock root extracts that is suitable for daily use for the whole family and all hair types.
Roasted wheat grains coated with honey. Bio-Ingredients: roasted wheat, Honey.
On the farm you can too Bio-Items like wheat, Choose flour, bread, pasta, meat, oil and vegetables from the garden.
At the farm you can also buy organic items Like wheat, flour, bread, pasta, meat, oil and vegetables just picked from the garden.
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