Why was gunpowder important

When was gunpowder invented?

Did Berthold Schwarz really live?

For a long time the invention of black powder was invented by the Freiburg Franciscan monk Berthold Schwarz attributed to who is said to have invented the powder in 1353 or a few years later. However, recent research has tried to refute this. Also, the black powder does not get its name from this Berthold Schwarz, but from its black color. In any case, Berthold Schwarz is venerated in Freiburg. He is said to have been born there in 1310, maybe a year later.

In any case, this gunpowder had been used in Europe since the 14th century and for a long time was the only explosive that could be used. With that the time of noble knighthood, the battles with lance and sword was slowly but surely over. The wars of the sixteenth century were fought quite differently. They were more brutal and also claimed many more human lives, often including the lives of innocent people, not just soldiers and fighters whose craft was war. This is also a consequence of this invention.

Explosive powder existed earlier, so it is said that a city in Italy was attacked with such weapons as early as 1331. It is also assumed that the Arabs and Chinese were already familiar with explosive mixtures and that they would have blown up a lot. Maybe it was there even before? We do not know it. The gunpowder story remains a mystery.