What are some essential small kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances for the single kitchen

Devices in the single kitchen - what should be considered?

In addition to sufficient storage space, cupboards, pull-outs and shelves, kitchen appliances play a central role. In a room with limited space, it is a particular challenge to find the right balance between devices, storage space and work surface. Although the single kitchen is a type of planning that is limited to the essentials, the 6 work zones preparation, cooking / baking, cooling, washing, storage and disposal must still be accommodated. The following kitchen appliances and planning solutions are therefore preferably used in single kitchens.

Hobs with a maximum width of only 60 cm are often used in single kitchens to solve the space problem and to enlarge the work surface. However, a device only 30 cm wide with only two plates is particularly suitable.

The dishwasher is designed as a smaller, more economical 45 cm single dishwasher or is missing entirely, as few dishes are often used and this can also be washed by hand. In most plans, small sinks are used and there is no draining surface. Alternatively, you can get more space for the work surface with a cutting board fitted into the draining surface, which can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

Compact refrigerators with a small freezer compartment are also common in single kitchens. These can be lower built-in appliances but also a design-oriented, free-standing refrigerator.

Those who work late in the evening often want a time-saving and practical microwave to warm up. Such devices can also be installed in a space-saving and ergonomically sensible manner in tall device cabinets. This is not only an oven and dishwasher, but also a microwave combination device or a contemporary steamer that prepares or warms up the food particularly gently.

Innovative compact devices are particularly suitable for single kitchens. There are ovens, fully automatic coffee machines and microwaves with a practical height of 45 cm, for example, which can be easily combined with one another and do not take up much storage space when planned together in a tall cupboard. Completely new compact dishwashers are also a good solution for a smaller kitchen.