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Publish your podcast quickly, easily and on all common platforms. As with all other hosters? No, because personal contact is our top priority. Take a look at our features and see for yourself.

As many podcasts & episodes as you like

Host unlimited shows and episodes with us. Import your existing podcasts, try out new formats or park your finished projects. Let your creativity flow.

  • Easy and unlimited hosting

    Create your own podcast in just a few minutes or import your existing one. Create as many shows and episodes as you like.

  • Publish your podcast on Spotify & Co.

    Reach your audience with LetsCast.fm on all major platforms.

    • Spotify
    • Deezer
    • Overcast
    • Apple Podcasts
    • Google Podcasts
  • One price, all features

    "Do you need the Pro Account for this feature"? Not with us! All features are available to you in all plans.

Your own professional podcast website

Present yourself to your listeners with an appealing, automatically updated website and stay in contact with them thanks to the integrated feedback form.

  • Individual website for your podcast

    Fed up with WordPress? With us you automatically get your personal podcast website, including a modern web player.

  • Your own LetsCast.fm address

    Present your listeners with your podcast with your own web address in the format https://yourpodcast.letscast.fm.

  • Use your own domain

    Do you already have a domain? Excellent! With just a few clicks you can use them for your individual podcast website.

All statistics with one click

See how your podcast is performing. Find out when and how often your listeners access your episodes. And if you don't know what to do next, our personal support will help you.

  • Statistics & insights on your listeners: inside

    Use our download statistics to find out when, how often and on which devices your podcast is heard.

  • Personal, fast & familiar service

    We help you get the most out of your podcast - via E & # 8209Mail, telephone, live chat, Slack or screen sharing.

  • Personal features

    Are you missing something? Let me know. Together we develop great features that make our service & your podcast even better. But that was not all!

We have more

Web player, private podcasts & automatic import

Plan your episodes in advance, create exclusive podcasts for your supporters or import an existing podcast. There is something for everyone here.

  • Modern podcast player

    Share your podcast anywhere on the web with the latest version of the Podlove Web Player.

  • Exclusive podcasts (listener management)

    With an exclusive podcast, each of your listeners receives an exclusive feed URL. Perfect for supporters, friends or grandma & grandpa.

  • Private podcasts (password protection)

    Protect your RSS feed with a password to secure access to your audio data.

  • Schedule publications

    Produce multiple episodes in advance and schedule the release on your own schedule.

  • Control over your metadata

    All of your podcast data in your hand. Whether chapter marks, show notes or contributors: keep all aspects of your episodes up to date.

  • Import your podcast

    Do you already have a podcast on another platform? With our free import tool, it is available on LetsCast.fm in a few minutes.

Get started quickly and easily

To yours in 15 minutes
own podcast

LetsCast.fm makes it easy for you to start your own podcast with a clear and structured interface. Already have a podcast? With our automatic importer, you can move to LetsCast.fm in just a few minutes with just one click. And if you are not at all familiar with the podcast world, we would be happy to personally guide you through your dashboard.


Pay-as-you-grow for every budget

Create as many shows as you want - our packages are based on your downloads. So you can use all LetsCast.fm features as a small podcast. But don't panic: if you are over your limit, your fans can still listen. We will then simply contact you for an upgrade.

Fair & flexible for small and large podcasts

What does "Downloads" mean and how are they calculated?

We would like to provide both podcast beginners and established professionals with all the features with which they can get the best out of their podcast. Therefore all packages contain all of our features and only differ according to the Number of downloads.

We speak of "fair use": We host smaller podcasts with less traffic more cheaply than more established podcasts that require higher infrastructure.

What do downloads mean in connection with your podcast? Whenever one of your episodes is downloaded or streamed from a web player, a podcast app or a platform such as Apple Podcasts, our servers provide the associated audio file. We count this as one download.

When counting downloads, we comply with international standards (IAB 2.1). In our experience, the number of downloads corresponds roughly to the number of actual listeners.

But don't worry: if you exceed your download quota within a month, yours is yours Podcast still available. Because first of all this means that your show has grown and you can now reach a lot more listeners than you did at the beginning. Congratulations!

We will then inform you by e-mail that the next higher package is now possible for you. You will of course not incur any additional costs for the additional downloads up to the upgrade.

Feature overview

Use all features, regardless of the plan

Create unlimited podcasts

Try out new ideas and create as many podcasts as you like. Ideal if you want to create a second feed for exclusive listeners, for example. Do you have completed shows? Then archive it with us instead of paying extra for it from other hosters.

Post an unlimited number of episodes

Upload as many episodes per month as you like. We have neither a limit in megabytes nor in minutes. So you stay flexible and your podcast schedule depends on you - not the other way around.

Your podcast on Spotify

Publish your podcast for free and with your own account on Spotify. Your data is yours and you can dive into the detailed Spotify statistics at any time. After registering your podcast once, your new episodes will appear automatically on Spotify at LetsCast.fm.

Your podcast on Apple Podcasts

Make your podcast big in the world's leading podcast directory. All you need is a free Apple ID and you're good to go. After the one-time registration and activation, all of the episodes you have created with us will appear automatically on Apple Podcasts.

Your podcast on Deezer

We make it easy for you to publish your podcast for free on the music streaming platform Deezer. A special link in your account will take you directly to the registration page. Enter your details and in just a few hours your podcast will automatically be found on Deezer.

Your podcast on Amazon Music

On Amazon Music you not only stream your favorite music, but you can also be present there with your podcast. Submit your show to Amazon Music directly from your dashboard.

Your podcast on Audio Now

Audio Now is Germany's audio platform - and you can be part of it! With just one click you can submit your podcast to Audio Now and you will soon be a podcast neighbor: in von GZSZ and the Pochers.

Google Podcasts

We provide you with your own podcast page, which is automatically crawled by the Google Bot and stored in Google Podcasts. With just one click, you can also go directly to the Google Podcasts login screen, where you can call up advanced statistics.

Overcast & other podcast apps

Of course, your listeners can also subscribe to your podcast on LetsCast.fm using Overcast (iOS), Pocket Casts (Android) and other podcast apps. As soon as your podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, it will also appear in Overcast. Alternatively, you can simply add your RSS feed in the app.

Your podcast on fyyd

fyyd is the German podcast search engine par excellence! Submit your podcast there or schedule your already listed podcast. Simply enter your fyyd token when creating your podcast.

More reach with Twitter Player Cards

Use our podcast player on social media too. LetCast.fm supports Twitter Player Cards, so your followers on Twitter can listen to your podcast episodes directly in their Twitter feed.

Automatic & free podcast import

Would you like to move your podcast from another hoster to us? Simply enter your current feed URL and we will automatically import your podcast in just a few seconds - including the metadata.

Import of your existing statistics

If you move your podcast to us, you don't have to do without your valuable statistics. Just send us a message with the statistics export from your old provider and we will do the rest.

Unlimited storage space and lightning-fast distribution

Don't worry about the size or number of your episodes. With us you get unlimited storage space so that you can offer your listeners the best possible audio quality. We also use our own content delivery network (CDN) to distribute your episodes.

Fast premium support

Do you have questions about your account or need help setting up the podcast? With us you get top service and quick feedback - whether via email, Facebook Messenger, phone or our own Slack channel. We will answer your inquiries within a few hours.

Comprehensive statistics

You have published a new episode, now you want to see how it is received? While you have to wait until the next day with other hosters, we update your download numbers several times a day. Find out how many listeners are listening to your episodes on which days and via which devices / apps.

Fast user interface

With us you can expect a fast and intuitive user experience. The backend in which you create your podcast episodes loads quickly on average between 150 and 200 milliseconds. We also offer you a reliable service thanks to our high availability, which you can track at any time.

Development and server in Germany

LetsCast.fm is Made in Germany and hosts your podcast episodes on servers in Germany. So you not only get German-speaking support, but also all the benefits in terms of security and data protection. In addition, you support a regional and independent company without investors or large corporations in the background. We thank you for that!

Automated RSS feed

The RSS feed for your podcast is automatically regenerated by us with every new episode and every update that you make. You always have access to all data that is processed in the feed and you can adjust it as you wish.

Lightning fast RSS feed

We have optimized our infrastructure so that your podcast feed can be loaded by listeners and podcast platforms at lightning speed. The average loading times are just 80 to 150 milliseconds. You can't even say "podcast" that fast.

Schedule publications

Your listeners: inside love regularity. We still give you flexibility. Record multiple episodes in advance and plan to release them in the future. Select the date and time of your release, we will take care of the rest.

Embeddable podcast player

For each episode you get a modern podcast player that looks good not only on the laptop but also on the go. It shows chapter marks, remembers the playback position and can even be integrated directly into your website via JavaScript code.

Customizable colors of the podcast player

While we already have such a modern podcast player, it would be boring if everyone looked the same. You can therefore customize the colors of the player and the playback elements and give the podcast player your own touch.

Different player sizes

Choose from three different sizes when integrating the podcast player on your own site. Show it along with the selection of chapter brands and options for sharing, or opt for a leaner variant.

Integration of Apple and Spotify players

Call up the code for the Apple Podcasts and Spotify podcast players directly in your player settings. Take a preview of how your podcast will look in the players on both platforms.

No-script player for data-sensitive listeners

The protection of your data and that of your listeners is very important to us. Therefore, if JavaScript is deactivated, we automatically deliver a standard HTML5 player on your podcast page so that data-sensitive listeners can also enjoy your podcast.

Use external players thanks to cross-origin resource sharing

Would you like to use your own web player for integration into your website? Nothing easier than that! We use CORS so that you can also access your podcast feed hosted by us via external players.