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Electricity and gas comparison

A lot has happened in recent years in the course of market opening (liberalization) on both the gas and electricity markets. There are now around 1,000 electricity and gas suppliers across Germany to choose from. Most people, however, are still with the local electricity and gas supplier. These electricity and gas providers are usually also referred to as basic suppliers.

Many of these electricity and gas customers are not looking to switch and are not looking for other tariffs. The problem with this is that local basic services are rarely the cheapest choice. As a gas and electricity customer, year after year you pay more money for your energy supply than is actually necessary.

If you want to use your money differently, you should therefore compare the providers of electricity and gas and then switch. The electricity tariff calculator and the gas calculator here are very easy to use. Once you have used the free tariff calculator, you will quickly see that comparing electricity and gas involves very little effort.

We'll show you how easy it is to compare gas and electricity prices and what to look out for.

Compare electricity tariffs & gas tariffs - find the best providers online

In principle, the following applies: the higher the annual consumption of electricity or gas (in kWh), the greater the potential for savings among gas and electricity providers. Depending on the size of the household or the number of people, this can quickly amount to several hundred euros per year, which can be saved simply by switching to another electricity or gas provider. Interesting savings are also possible with lower gas or electricity consumption.

Our free gas and electricity calculators are the decisive help here. You can use them to carry out a detailed comparison within a few minutes. All you have to do is enter some data such as the postcode and consumption (in kWh). All providers available in the region or at your place of residence are already displayed. This applies to the electricity calculator and also to the gas calculator.

Time-consuming manual searches are no longer necessary. You then only have to choose the cheapest electricity or gas provider from a table and, if you want, you can apply for the change immediately from the electricity comparison or gas comparison.

Finding a low price: What you basically need to know about electricity and gas tariffs

Because the competition between the individual suppliers is now very fierce, they have to compete for the customers' favor all the more: New special offers and low-cost tariffs are constantly appearing to encourage customers to switch.

The change of the energy provider makes perfect sense if you realize that the current electricity and / or gas provider is not the cheapest.

The best thing to do first is to check your own electricity and gas consumption using the last bill.

Electricity prices and gas prices are usually made up of at least the two elements energy price and base price.
The labor price refers to the price that is consumption-dependent. The importance of this price component increases with gas consumption / electricity consumption.

Tip: In the case of gas, consumption is measured on the meter in cubic meters. The working price always refers to the kilowatt hour (kWh)! Therefore you should use the kWh value of the last gas bill for the gas price comparison. Your old gas supplier has already converted the cubic meters into kilowatt hours (kWh).

In addition to the working price, most electricity and gas tariffs also have the basic price. This is a fixed amount (euros) per year. With a low energy consumption, you should pay particular attention to a low basic price. There are currently very few energy providers without a base price.

100% security of supply when switching electricity and gas providers

Unfortunately, many people are still rather skeptical about changing providers, as they fear that their gas or electricity supply could be temporarily interrupted as a result.

But this fear is completely unfounded, because even with a change you will be constantly cared for. So you don't have to be afraid of suddenly sitting in the dark or in a cold apartment. Politicians want more competition on the electricity and gas market and have therefore ensured 100% security of supply.
In the meantime, several million energy customers have switched providers. The press could not report any gas or power outages in this context. It did so for good reason: there were no failures.

Save when switching: How to find a cheap electricity or gas tariff on the Internet

Of course, when comparing gas prices or comparing electricity providers, the most important thing is the cost. However, it would be wrong to regard this as the only criterion. The other conditions and the service of your new electricity or gas provider should also be carefully checked.

The experience with the service of the new electricity and gas provider can be quickly determined based on the latest customer opinions. At first glance you can see the customer's rating in the form of stars (1 - 5). If you click on the stars, you get the detailed experiences of the customers who made contact with the desired electricity and gas provider. Usually, however, only the negative experiences are detailed here, e.g. the availability of the hotline, poor advice or no binding answer to questions. If, as is usually the case, everything went well, then the rating is usually quite short.

Electricity and gas tariff calculator: Please note the details

With regard to the other conditions, topics such as the minimum contract period and the notice period are of particular interest.

It is also an advantage if the supplier offers a guarantee on the current price - because this way, he cannot adjust the costs at will during the current contract.

Some tariffs also have clauses such as prepayment. One should know these aspects. If in doubt, it is better to do without prepayment providers.

The price guarantee is important for all customers who want to secure the price of their energy supply. As a standard, a 12-month minimum price guarantee is stored in the comparison calculator. This default setting is correct for most customers.

Taxes and surcharges, however, are not among the guaranteed price components in the standard. Full price guarantees (i.e. no price fixing) are not common. If you want a full price guarantee (guaranteed price components are also taxes and surcharges), then you should also pay attention to the term "price guarantee" in the tariff calculator.

If you have an overview of the consequences, you can reduce the minimum price guarantee. In the electricity and gas comparison, additional and cheaper tariffs may then be displayed. Mostly, this is because utilities know full well that many consumers are afraid of a rapid rise in prices. However, the gas price in particular is currently subject to constant fluctuations and it can of course also be reduced.

Tip: In the event of price increases for electricity and gas, however, you generally have a special right of termination. This means you can live with a shorter price guarantee with an interesting tariff. When using the special right of termination, you should terminate yourself to be on the safe side. With a normal change, you usually do not have to cancel yourself.

Overall, it makes the most sense to opt for a tariff that includes both a good price guarantee and a short contract period. On the one hand, you protect yourself against higher costs and, on the other hand, you are still flexible if the chosen electricity or gas provider is no longer the cheapest.

How good are biogas and green electricity?

Just like green electricity, gas can also be generated in an environmentally friendly way. These are so-called climate tariffs, which are usually a little more expensive than other tariffs. However, with green gas or climate tariffs, this small surcharge benefits important climate and environmental protection projects.

A good alternative to heating is, for example, biogas, which comes from 100% renewable sources. It is produced in biomass power plants from organic material - such as animal or vegetable waste.

Electricity can also be produced in a similar way. Green electricity costs only slightly more than cheaper electricity or is in some cases similarly cheap. Those who want to make a valuable contribution to environmental protection are well advised with such a tariff - this can also be selected here in the course of a tariff comparison.

What tricks gas and energy suppliers work with - you have to know that

Some tariffs that seem very attractive at first glance are riddled with pitfalls that can later become expensive. This is why the following always applies: when it comes to energy, never just rely on the advertising; read the contract conditions very carefully.

One should be careful, for example, with package prices, which are available for both electricity and gas tariffs. Here the customer pays a fixed amount in advance at an attractive price. The risk here is to use more than you initially bought. If this happens, you have to reckon with high costs per kilowatt hour. On the other hand, however, you usually don't get anything reimbursed from the supplier if you have used less. So in the end you are usually making a loss.

You should also be careful when it comes to bonus payments, which many utilities use to successfully attract new customers. These can either be direct bonus payments or very inexpensive entry-level prices. Consumers should pay attention here.

In the case of high bonus payments or particularly low starting prices, you should always check the price in the second year. In many cases, consumers should consider switching after the first year of the contract, as bonuses and reduced electricity and gas prices are no longer applicable in the second year.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the contract period, the cheaper the gas or electricity tariff should be.

Electricity and gas combined tariffs

Electricity and gas from a single source? Many local energy providers advertise with electricity and gas combined tariffs. As a consumer, one naturally suspects that these combined electricity and gas tariffs offer a price advantage. You make two contracts with an energy provider.

Unfortunately, practice shows that it is usually always better to look for the cheapest supplier for electricity and also to look for the cheapest supplier for gas. As a rule, you always drive better than with an electricity and gas combination tariff. This is the case with private and commercial tariffs. If you absolutely want electricity and gas from a single source, this is of course still possible. In some regions of Germany, the price surcharge compared to the cheapest electricity provider + the cheapest gas provider is only very small.

Electricity and gas: good tip

A good tip: A regular comparison of electricity and gas providers is worthwhile in most cases. So you can stay up to date. One appointment per year is sufficient for most households. However, you should make a note of this date in the calendar.

For example, "today" plus 10 months makes sense here. Many gas tariffs and electricity tariffs have a regular notice period of 6 weeks. In this way, you can still order the change of electricity provider and gas provider in good time.