How can Spotify download songs offline

Apps / software Use Spotify offline - this is how it works


Many can no longer imagine a life without Spotify. The ability to access a huge collection of songs is tempting for any music lover. Unfortunately, there are situations in which Internet access is not available or the data volume on your mobile phone contract has been used up. How good that you can also use Spotify offline. We'll show you how to listen to music even without an internet connection.

Use Spotify offline - you have to pay attention to this

To be able to use Spotify offline, you first need one Premium account. There is also a for downloading music or playlists active internet connection necessary. Furthermore, this is There is not an unlimited number of music downloads. Spotify allows 5 devices per account and 10,000 songs per device that can be saved for offline mode.

Offline use on PC or Mac

In contrast to the mobile apps, you can use the desktop version save playlists only. To do this, go to the corresponding playlist and click on the Download switch. A green Arrow in the playlist area indicates when the entire playlist has been downloaded.

If you just want to listen to music offline to save data volume, you can go to the Offline mode switch. On a Windows PC, first click on "file"and then on"Offline mode". In macOS, click" at the top of the screen.Spotify"and then on"Offline modeIn addition to the saved playlists, you can of course continue to play the music files saved on your computer.

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Download music to your smartphone

Downloading music also works in the Spotify app on Android smartphone or iPhone. In addition to downloading playlists, it is even possible to download albums or podcasts directly. Just click on the in a playlist or album Download switch. The songs saved in this way are saved with a green arrow marked.


If you want to save your entire library offline, that's no problem either. Navigate to your Library and select there "Songs". Tap the Download switch to download all of the songs in your library.

If you are Want to download music through your mobile data, you have to activate this first. Navigate to the Library and tap the in the top left Gear iconto get into the settings. Scroll down to the section "Sound quality"(on the iPhone you have to tap on it) and activate"Download via mobile network".

Put the Spotify app in offline mode

If you only want to listen to downloaded music in your app, you have two options. On the one hand, you can use the offline mode to disconnect the Internet connection from Spotify. To do this, first go to "Library"and then on that Gear icon top right. Under the heading "reproduction"tap the switch next to"Offline mode". Are in offline mode all online functions such as search or browsing are turned off. You can use Spotify Use offline mode for a maximum of 30 days at a time, then you need to connect to the Internet for at least a short time.

If you only want to listen to downloaded songs, but at the same time do not want to do without online functions, you can use the filter in your library. In the library, select a category like "Albums"or"Playlists"and scroll up there to find the Select filter to be able to. In the top right, tap the Selection menu and then on "Downloads". Now find them only albums or playlists that you have downloaded.