When did you start traveling?

Why did you start traveling?

To celebrate the threesome of my blog, I asked a series of travel questions from my readers. It was time for them to share their stories. I was fed up with listening to what makes my readers tick and what inspires them to travel. Today this series starts, so what inspired other people to go on tour is:

"I don't think the grass on the other side of the fence is greener, but if you never peek over the top, how do you know? I want to know: is there grass on the other side, what color is it, what is it like?" the texture, how does it smell? So I travel. "- Maria

"First and foremost, boredom. By 21, I had never left Australia and was desperate to see Europe, so me and a friend went on a hurricane tour of the continent for a month. This trip changed my life and I knew it I wanted to keep traveling for the rest of my life. Eighteen months later, I moved to London and have been traveling ever since. "- Nicole

"Since my first international trip after college, I've loved exploring new places. The food, the scenery, the people - it's just so interesting and exciting. I've met backpackers my age or younger on my travels and been away for weeks or even months. I realized I could do this if I wanted to. I didn't want to wait until I retired and paid off the mortgage to live my dream. "- Stephanie

"I have an insatiable appetite for new experiences - aka, I'm easily bored and have a short attention span. It's not enough for me to see pictures of monuments, natural wonders and new landscapes. I want to touch, breathe, smell, feel everything what there is in the world. I like the way it opens my mind and how nothing is like it looks in the picture. I also love new people and their stories. "- Penny

"I was only a junior in high school when I took the 1995 World Youth Day pilgrimage in Denver, Colorado to see Pope John Paul II. This was the first time I met people from all over the world I knew then that I wanted to travel. It changed my perspective on life and sparked a lifelong curiosity, desire and passion to connect with people from other countries and to get to know other languages ​​and cultures. "- Nikki

"My first trip abroad was a big one. My family moved from the United States to England when I was seven to live a year. It's the best my parents have ever done for me. They took every opportunity to to travel around Europe and North Africa. When we moved back to the States, I was obsessed with foreign cultures. It took me a long time to get overseas again, but my obsession has persisted, and I've been for over 15 years Years a professional international tour guide and travel writer. "- David

"I'm lucky that my parents started traveling with my siblings and me very early on, so I never knew what life was like without traveling. I also volunteered for two weeks in a row in the slums of Mexico, what My life changed when I saw poverty firsthand and how happy I am, and after graduating from college and making my own money, I decided it was time to add as much of the world as possible See. Then I went to Europe every summer for two weeks. I got hooked. "- Emily

"I grew up very sheltered and after graduation I wanted to see more of the world. After my first backpacking adventure I was thrilled! Now I try to make at least one big trip every year." - Michael

"To reassess my direction in life, take a professional break, learn about the world, become better global citizens, connect as a family & roadschool with the kids, and experience a stripped-down nomadic life to our regular non - Appreciating travel is alive. "- Sara Lavender Smith

"I spent the fall of my first year abroad in Copenhagen and it changed my life. I grew up in a small town outside of Boston and went to university for about half an hour so my universe was pretty central. Four months in Europe opened my eyes and I was literally able to travel anywhere on the continent when I was there. Now I'm addicted to the concept of travel and can't wait to get out of there. "- Allie

"I've always wanted to see the world, but was married early. My life fell in love with typical marriage, the house, school, responsibilities, etc. and there was no time or money to travel. Almost four years ago my ex -Woman left me for someone else and it gave my life freedom. I finally realized that traveling the world wasn't a dream the "other people" were doing; I could do it myself. I saved hardcore to myself for years to give a year to see the world. "- Mike

"That might sound weird, but debt. Most people use debt as a reason not to travel, but for me it's been my ups and downs. My career at GE Finance in the UK has been going well. But my money was used for bills, rent, and credit cards every month. I didn't save anything. So I looked into work abroad and came across classes in South Korea. I was here three months later - and while I was clearing my debts (halfway through I've been able to travel to Turkey, Taiwan and all of Korea in the meantime. Later this year I'm going to Germany and Morocco. Working in South Korea means that my debts no longer control my ability to travel - even though I have limited vacation days must use wisely! "- Tom

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