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10 fresh ingredients - 10 cold soups

If it's too hot to cook, we love these chilled soups

It sounds like a contradiction in terms: cold soups. In reality, however, they are our ice-cold salvation on scorching summer days. Sweet meets savory and crispy meets creamy when we get cold soup combinations out of the fridge.

Here are 10 fresh ingredients that are ideal as a base for summer soups - which in most cases are even vegan. By the way, cooking by color is a great activity for children on long vacation days, introducing the little ones to food at the same time and showing them where what they eat every day comes from before it was put in front of their snub nose. I speak from experience because I've already seen it myself with four girls aged 2-10 years. It was pure chaos, we spilled around in a big way and had a lot of fun doing it.

Cold soups are especially refreshing when combined with a fruity component like watermelon and spooned over ice. And if you are worried that you won't be full of it, then serve the soup with a salad and grilled halloumi or grilled skewers with feta. Enojy your meal!

What do you think of cold soups? Do you even have a recipe for us that you like? We would be happy if you share it with us and the community!

Most cold soups go like this: Cut all the ingredients into small pieces and put them in the blender. In this case, the watermelon with its high water content is the star and the cucumber provides that extra freshness kick. If the ingredients come straight from the refrigerator, that's it and you can start spooning. Otherwise: it is best to draw the soup again in the refrigerator and let it cool down. And of course, don't forget the crispy (roasted nuts, garlic croutons, ...), creamy (lemony yoghurt) or fresh (mint or other herbs) extras to top it off!

Cantaloupe melon not only has a firmer and juicier consistency than watermelon, it is also the sweetest sugar melon we have. So if you fancy a sweet summer soup, then this combination is just right.

I love corn most when it's fresh from the grill. Then I put too many bits of butter on top, watch them melt and make their way through the spaces between the grains. Finally, I rub sea salt generously between my fingers and let it trickle over the corn. But corn is also a great base for - who would have thought it - cold soups. If you look into this article again on Thursday, you will find the recipe for a cold, yellow summer soup here.

The classic Gazpacho with a difference: First the peppers are grilled so that roasted aromas can develop, and then mixed into a cooling and flavorful soup.

I love hummus and had to try the following hummus soup at some point.

To do this, I mix canned chickpeas with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, cold water and a little cumin, salt and pepper. I add diced tomatoes, cucumber and finely chopped shallots to the plate before I pour the soup into bowls and then sprinkle with parsley and crumbled feta cheese.

And the following soup also tastes good chilled:

Tomatoes - just like cucumbers - are always a good choice when it comes to cold, refreshing soups. Because they are high in water and therefore fluid, they help soups stay light and not be heavy on the stomach. Gazpacho is probably THE cold soup of all and is made from a base of red tomatoes, peppers and cucumber. A slightly different and special version with yellow tomatoes is perfect as a starter on hot days and is made like this:

Mix peeled yellow tomatoes from the can (you can get them at your trusted Italian supermarket, for example), basil stalks, onions, a little garlic and vegetable stock until creamy. Season with sugar, olive oil and pepper and serve with burrata, basil leaves and a little olive oil. Good Appetite!

For this article, I went looking for soup inspiration on the net that goes beyond the simple gazpacho mentioned above. This recipe made me curious:

PeachesMarinate the apricots, yellow peppers and cucumber overnight in balsamic vinegar, olive oil and fresh goat cheese and mix into a cold soup the next day. Sounds good!

A variation on this fresh soup: use peaches instead of pears. This could be your new favorite summer soup!

A cucumber soup doesn't have to be a watery soup if you mix it cleverly with other, creamy ingredients. But how does soup get creamy if you don't want to use animal products such as crème fraîche or sour cream?

For example, you can take cannellini beans from a can or soaked cashew nuts and simply puree them together with all the other ingredients. These are, for example, cucumbers,mint, Peas, shallots, lemon juice and vegetable broth.

Sometimes it pays to look at apparently obvious recipes from a different angle. For me recently, for example, it was pasta salad: which pasta that I ate warm in the evening can I take cold as lunch to the office the next day? It's similar with soups. I wouldn't necessarily want to eat hearty potato soups cold, but definitely soups with light ingredients such as zucchinis. For example one goes like this:

Fry the leek in olive oil with salt, mix with a little garlic. Puree the leek mix with zucchinis, hemp seeds, lemon juice, miso paste and water (or vegetable stock), basil and pepper. Season again with lemon juice, salt and pepper and serve with garlic croutons and olive oil.

Or you can simply replace the romanesco with zucchini in this recipe. The soup also tastes fresh and aromatic when cold:

So that your summer soup is also something special for the eye, you can garnish it with toppings in color contrasts. Black sesame looks great on yellow soups, candied bacon, for example, on a green soup background or rather on an intensely green pea soup with a steamed mix of celery, leek and onions, sugar snap peas, young peas and parsley.

Published on July 7, 2019