How is the hinge made


It all started with hinges. When Ludwig Vormann founded the company in 1863, he initially concentrated exclusively on the manufacture of hinges such as dovetail hinges and box hinges. Little by little, other product segments such as fittings, wood connectors, angles and many other articles and services were added.

Since the August Vormann company has greatly expanded the range of hinges over the years and has always adapted the products to the new and changing needs of the market, we have long enjoyed a brilliant reputation as Manufacturer of hinges, also far beyond the borders of Germany.

DIN hinges

Vormann is the specialist in the production of rolled and beaten DIN hinges. We produce according to DIN norms 7954 to 7958 in the standard forms A, B, C and D. We use cold strip with a tensile strength of at least 350 N / mm², which remains untreated for the undrilled hinges used in metal construction, while the perforated hinges receive a galvanic blue galvanizing that is environmentally friendly and free of chromium VI. Our brass hinges are made of CU-ZN 37, our stainless steel hinges are made of 1.4301 stainless steel. The brass and stainless steel hinges are based on the respective DIN.

In addition to our standard DIN hinges, we manufacture hammered link hinges in accordance with DIN 56923 and rolled undrilled steel window hinges in accordance with DIN 18286. Other products from our DIN hinge range are profile rivet hinges and profile pin hinges (DIN 31211).

Hinges according to drawing

In addition to the production of DIN hinges as well as many other types of hinges and straps (e.g. gate hinges, table hinges, etc.) we offer hinge custom-made products from a certain lot size, such as the production of individual Hinges according to drawing, at.


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