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5 secrets of success to help you find the best blazer for you.

16 May 5 Secrets of Success That Will Help You Find the Best Blazer for You.


As soon as you enter a fashion store, there is no way around it - the blazer. The times when it was made solely for the business outfit are long gone. But which one is suitable for which figure and how do you combine it?


Whether casual with jeans and a simple T-shirt for leisure time, with a dress for an evening event or rather with a blouse and pumps for the office: the blazer can do everything.
Precisely because it is so versatile and everyone likes it, there is a suitable cut for every figure. So that you don't lose track of the multitude of variations, here are a few simple tips for your perfect blazer.

(This article is structured for women, but there are also many recommendations for men. They too have different body types.)

First, it's helpful to look at your figure type. There are 5 basic types that can be divided into, whereby there are of course also women who have a very balanced figure or are slightly mixed types. The classics are the following:

The A type = pear

has narrow shoulders and a wider pelvis - preferably one size less at the top than at the bottom. Over 60% of German women have this figure type.

The H-type = newspaper

has a very straight build, often less bust, no waist and no pronounced hips.

The O type = apple

This figure type has a strong trunk, lots of bosom and belly. But legs and arms are narrow and slender.

The X type = hourglass

is characterized by strong feminine curves and a narrow waist. Shoulders and hips are equally wide. Regardless of whether it is size 34 or 44.

The V type = cocktail

Broad shoulders, often a little angular type with narrow hips.


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The right blazer for figure type A, also called pear:

If you have narrow shoulders and stronger hips and thighs, you belong to figure type A. A blazer with broad shoulders or shoulder pads is particularly suitable for this figure type, as this creates a balance between the narrow shoulders and the wider hips.


Blazers with overcut sleeves, where the seam sits on the upper arms, are completely unsuitable!

The lapel and collar can also be a little wider, because that creates a more vertical and wider look. The waist is easily emphasized by a tailored cut. The whole silhouette is made feminine and balances shoulders and hips. For men, of course, the same applies to shoulder pads.


The right blazer for figure type X, the hourglass:

The hourglass silhouette is characterized by the fact that shoulders and hips are roughly the same width and the waist is very narrow. With this figure, it is particularly important for women and men that the blazer is tailored and cut to the figure. Because the accentuated waist highlights the curves nicely. With a straight cut, the upper body would quickly assume a box shape and would no longer have any curves. A blazer with a tie or belt, for example, is ideal to accentuate your great waistline.

The right blazer for figure type H, also called newspaper:

Women with a fairly straight figure often come across as a little androgynous. The cause lies in the weakly pronounced waist and the buttocks, bosom and hips often lack feminine curves. The advantages of this figure py are the often narrow arms and legs that are slim and long.

You will appear more curvy if you choose blazers that are wider at the hips or even have folds that pop up, as in the turquoise model below. Deep necklines and elongated lapels optically create a V and are ideal, they conjure up a waistline.


The right blazer for figure type V, the cocktail:

Exactly the opposite of type A, people with type V have very narrow hips and relatively broad shoulders. Flowing fabrics and simple cuts provide support here, they flatter the broad upper body. Shoulder pads and additional volume, e.g. through folds, should be avoided.
These figure types can also wear overcut sleeves, as this makes the shoulder rounder. Men with this figure have a free choice, because you can simply wear any jacket!



The right blazer for figure type O, the apple:

Loose-cut blazers made of soft and flowing fabrics look good on the O-type with lots of bosom and belly. These play around the body nicely without adding any additional weight. Long blazers are ideal because they put vertical lines on the round body, which makes it slim. The fashionable boyfriend blazer is also suitable for this figure. It is best worn open. 3/4 sleeves are great. If you roll up or push up your sleeves you will see her narrow wrists, which also makes them look slimmer.
A double-breasted jacket or a jacket with a vest underneath is very suitable for men, because this way vertical lines come into the outfit that visually stretch. For this simple reason, ties are also better than bow ties.



My personal favorite blazer is a soft jersey model, super comfortable and elegantly shiny

It is available again every season in black and blue as well as some fashionable colors. The elastic fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear, has only half a lining and therefore also works in summer.

It is available in 2 lengths, the short version is well suited for normal and shorter women (I also wear it at 1.70m) and the longer one is better for taller women.



Fit rules for fashionable blazers

Definitely not too huge, even if that's the fashion! Often, blazers and jackets are chosen too big and the wearer gets lost in the garment. When you extend your arms horizontally from your body, the sleeves should not reach over your wrists. Otherwise these are too long.

It can't be too tight either, you can easily tell by the cross folds. These occur mainly on the back and upper arms. If that's the case, try the blazer one size up. If the model has buttons, it should also be possible to easily close them. Sometimes exactly half a size would fit in between - maybe it is enough to move the buttons a little? Centimeters can work wonders. And if you never wear it closed, it can also be a touch too tight.


The double-breasted boxy and long blazers they are fashionable in 2020/21 make wide and bulky. They therefore only suit tall thin women. Most of the time we also wear our blazers open, so there is simply too much fabric.


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Graphics: With kind permission: Julia Späth, illustrations

Photo: Courtesy of Rene Lezard