What about the darkness that scares people

Everyone expects a creepy clown for Halloween, but not in everyday life! The cases of strangers in clown costumes who suddenly appear in the dark and frighten passers-by are increasing - now also in Germany.

The trend is spilling over from the USA to Germany. There, people in clown costumes appear in dark places - in cemeteries or remote streets. For them it may be fun, but for many it is a nightmare come true:

- Just recently, a person disguised as a creepy clown stood in front of the elementary school in the Hanseatic city Stendal. In his hands he held a package that read: "You will all die."

- In Gelsenkirchen a stranger threatened young people with a baseball bat - he too was disguised as a clown.

- Baseball bat and a chainsaw came in Rostock and Wesel for use.

- A stranger in a clown costume frightened several people on Sylt. Among other things, according to the police, the masked man knocked on the window of a house in the Morsum area.

- Also in Lüneburg, a stranger in a clown costume chased a person - he is said to have been armed with an aluminum baseball club.

Police react on Facebook

The Lower Bavaria police point out that this appearance as a clown is anything but funny. She calls on Facebook not to scare anyone with such actions.

The colleagues from Vorpommern-Greifswald will also be in touch. You write about the incident in Greifswald: "So you would-be joker: Please turn on your brain."

"The clowns are not just idiots, they are criminals"

The head of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, has warned of increasing attacks by perpetrators in clown costumes. "It is to be feared that the clown attacks will become a very, very ugly trend that will spread in big cities on Halloween," said Wendt of the "Huffington Post". Victims should immediately call the police and report any case. “The clowns are not just idiots, they are criminals. Scare someone in such a disgusting way is assault, ”he said.

Don't dress up as a clown for Halloween

McDonalds responded and withdrew its mascot from the public. Ronald McDonald is only allowed to appear at selected events in the USA.

But the real horror festival is yet to come. "The Roselle Park police are asking parents not to let their children wear clown costumes on Halloween," the agency in the state of New Jersey wrote on Facebook as a precautionary measure.

Twitter users don't lose their sense of humor

The fact that some people are afraid of clowns or dolls is probably thanks to a number of horror films á la “Chucky, the killer doll”, “Annabelle” or “It”. The writer of the novel for the film, Stephen King, comments on the incidents via Twitter.

Hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria - most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh.

- Stephen King (@StephenKing) October 3, 2016

But with all the fear and horror news, users on Twitter do not lose their humor.

Haha, too true. Be careful out there girls! 👺 💄 # clownsightings # clownthreats # clowns # Halloween # makeuppic.twitter.com / fcuGU1VN9R

- Stephen Meara-Blount (@ SteveMB1959) October 11, 2016

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