How to prepare carbonara

recipe Carbonara sauce

What is carbonara sauce?
Who does not know it - the delicious carbonara sauce that should not be missing on any Italian menu? Of course, this highlight tastes best freshly prepared - and cooking it is very easy, especially according to our recipe.

Carbonara sauce is made from a delicious mixture of egg - more precisely egg yolks - cream, bacon, butter, parmesan and of course spices such as salt and pepper. Perhaps the most important ingredient - at least for taste - is nutmeg. Freshly grated, it spreads its wonderful aroma most effectively.

Carbonara sauce is eaten in the classic way with pasta - which noodles you prefer to eat with it is entirely up to your taste. But spaghetti is perfect.

It is important to distinguish between the carbonara sauce and the very classic spaghetti alla carbonara. The original from Italy consists of egg, bacon and cheese, which are tossed in a pan with the cooked pasta. A real treat alla Italia that you definitely shouldn't miss out on. So delicious!

How do you make carbonara sauce?
The carbonara sauce according to our recipe consists of cream, egg yolk, pecorino, smoked bacon and the typical spices. Nutmeg should definitely not be missing here and gives this highlight of Italian cuisine its very special aroma.

Prepare the cream sauce that goes perfectly with spaghetti according to our recipe. All ingredients are mixed and the sauce is then boiled until it has a creamy consistency. Then add the sauce to the noodles - it's easiest if you toss everything in a pan - cooking can be so easy.

What goes well with carbonara sauce?
The classic recipe is to eat the carbonara sauce with spaghetti, but any other type of pasta is of course also a good choice. This Italian highlight is always done quickly and there is nothing wrong with trying out unusual combinations.

How about, for example, spaghetti carbonara with asparagus? We only say delicious - and definitely worth a culinary try. If you don't like spaghetti that much, you can also cook penne, rigatoni or even gnocchi with a delicious cream sauce.

The most important thing is that the essential ingredients such as egg and cream are not missing - spaghetti carbonara is quick to prepare, tastes good to young and old and has become an indispensable part of our plates. Viva Italia! A recipe for Italy fans, spaghetti junkies and of course for everyone who cannot live without spaghetti carbonara.