What is a terrible little business idea

The 10 Craziest Business Ideas That Actually Worked Out

Source: https://dicksbymail.com/

What started as a joke at his bartender job ended in one of the most turbulent live business stories the internet has seen to date.

On March 4, 2015, Brady Grumpelt was sitting at home half drunk and bought the domain “DicksByMail.com”. The idea was that everyone there could anonymously send a bag of phalusoid gummy bears to an address for 20 USD, the bag came with an A4 page on which the instructions for eating said contents were written.

"Eat a bag of dicks"

When one of his friends got one of his first orders and posted pictures of it on Imgur, people went crazy and everyone wanted to place an order like this.

From Imgur, the story quickly came to Reddit and was rewarded with an upvote thousands of times.

Grumpelt received orders for $ 1,000 on the first day, $ 20,000 on the second, and $ 80,000 on the third, and it went on and on.

Since Grumpelt is a very active Reddit user himself (with his username), everyone was able to experience everything almost in real time - from the first orders to the question: “How will I tax the income? I don't have a company yet! "

Wouldn't he have used [Kontist] (https://kontist.com], right?

So he could have followed live how much money he has and how much the state is entitled to.

A short time later, Grumpelt also sold the website for a 6-digit amount and part of the profit on each sale. You can read the whole story here.


As you have seen, quite a few completely crazy ideas have turned out to be successful. Some ideas just came up on a whim and turned out to be very lucrative. So if you have a cool idea: go ahead and implement it!

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