How do you combine technology with art

technē - What connects art and technology

The exhibition “technē - What connects art and technology” runs through different floors of the museum and brings together works that make a basic theme of Ars Electronica particularly visible: the interaction of art and technology. The term “technē” comes from ancient Greek and has shaped the understanding of art, science and technology in western philosophy to this day. “Technē” does not differentiate between art and technology, but can be roughly described using the catchwords ability, artistry, craftsmanship and practice. In the following centuries, attempts were made to separate what was inseparably linked in antiquity. In the meantime, however, interdisciplinary thinking and working has become a matter of course again and is also necessary due to the advancing technological penetration of our world. The artists in this exhibition not only reflect technological developments and their effects in their work, they also use technology as a tool. To do this, they acquire technical competence themselves and work in teams with differently trained and specialized members. They use the same means as with technical and scientific developments, but deal with different ideas and questions from their artistic perspective.