What is the United Nations Public Service

Officials at the United Nations (UN)

Salary tables


professional category (see higher service)
United NationsComparison of federal officials
Deputy Director General
B 9Ministerial Director
ASGAssistant Secretary-GeneralB 6Ministerial Director
D 2Director
Head of Division
B 3Ministerial Councilor
D 1Deputy Director
Principal officer
A 16Senior Government Director
P 5Senior officer
Head of Section
A 15Government director
P 4First officerA 14Upper Government Council
P 3Second officerA 13Government Council
P 2Associate officerA 13Government Council z.A.
P 1Assistant officer


The level rise takes place annually.
From P1 level 9, P3 / 13, P4 / 12, P5 / 10, D1 / 4, D2 / 1, the level is increased every 2 years.

The UN designates the levels with Roman numerals.


Base salary

The pay of UN officials is based on the pay of officials in the United States as the member of the UN with the highest salary level (Noblemaire principle).


The taxation of United Nations employees is carried out through an internal procedure, whereby the withheld tax is paid to the official's home country. In return, the civil servants are exempt from national income tax, which is why it does not matter which income tax class is selected for the online calculator. For the calculation of the UN internal tax, the online calculator assumes that the civil servant is married and / or has non-working children. Higher tax deductions apply to single civil servants.

location-dependent allowance

Depending on the place of employment, an allowance is granted. In the online calculator, the values ​​of selected locations are based on the table from October 1st, 2009.

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