How was your RMO 2019


Nature is very much connected to sport. There are emotions, naturalness and life energy. The forest is a symbol. This is where the world of plants, animals, colors and scents come together. He lets us come into contact with nature, opens his arms and invites us to go inside. You can hide in it and free your real self. Know the strength of your character. This is a place where every activity gets a wild, free face.
The forest goes through natural cycles and is then colored with the whole range of colors. It shimmers with shadows, saturates, and in a moment fades into fog. Strong and brave, he can instantly transform into something mysterious and undiscovered. The forest is full of inspiration and puzzles. Well worth meeting him because it is a preview of an amazing adventure.

White forest is a symbol of the day, waking up nature and morning exercise. It is healthy energy that we begin to live with. Clean, free, undisturbed. This is a blank page that we will slowly write with our stories. White is a light that pushes forward and charges with every step. Ease, gentle movement, freedom. White forest can also be shrouded in puzzles. It is the mist that envelops the forest nature and surrounds it with a sense of security. It is dew that shines and scatters the light. Tenderness, sensitivity, self-control. Movement in such a place opens up the possibility of reaching deep into your soul. The white forest is also covered with snow, hidden under a layer of fluff, it shows that everything needs balance.

Black Forest is a symbol with several faces. On the one hand, it goes towards sunset, where nature calms down to sleep. He is calm and slowly preparing for the night. Its colors are warm and soft. She shows her motherly face. On the other hand, he reveals his character under cover of darkness. It's full of magic and puzzles. Then intense colors awaken, saturated and full of energy. Black Forets motivates training, he is full of courage and strength. He pursues his goal and gives up. Movement in such a place opens the door to discover the power, fight and live.

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