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Colors for the airbrush technique must be specially designed so that the pigments
do not clog the spray gun.

The very finely ground pigments of "Model Air" give the hobby airbrusher technical security and an extraordinary delicacy when airbrushing. This particular degree of fineness of "Model Air" also results in an excellent quality when applied with a brush and is particularly suitable for working on small details on miniatures as well as for glazes and overpainting with several thinned layers of paint.

  • Color range: The color range of "Model Air" was carefully selected to provide the Hobby Airbrusher with the most required color palette and tested by specialists for two years to confirm the equivalent values ​​of the RL, RAL and FEDERAL STANDARD colors.

The colors of "Model Air" can be mixed with each other and, as required, thinned with water, thinner, "Model Air varnish" or alcohol. It is more advantageous to use the "Model Air" thinner (Airbrush Thinner or new FLOW IMPROVER), which retains the special properties of the colors.

  • Surfaces: "Model Air" is suitable for use on all surfaces. It adheres excellently to resin and plastic models as well as to metal miniatures. "Model Air" does not need any prior priming. In the case of dark surfaces, it is advisable to prime the models with 001 white or 097 primer gray first in order to increase the luminosity of the colors.
  • Instructions for use: Shake well before use and pour the paint directly into the airbrush device. "Model Air" dries immediately after spraying on. After application, the color can be painted over with glazes, model color, oil paints, enamels, etc.
  • Varnish: The "Model Air" range contains a gloss varnish, a satin varnish and a matt varnish, all of which are specially made for use with the spray gun.
    These new firnises dry in 5-10 minutes without being influenced by humidity (no tack).
    "Model Air Varnish" can be diluted with water or "Model Air" thinner or applied directly. The best result is achieved by applying several fine layers; One coat is sufficient for small surfaces. The varnish can also be mixed well with the "Model Air" colors; through it you get a higher luminosity. The result is excellent and the surfaces dry very smoothly and evenly.

It is recommended to clean the airbrush device immediately after use in order to prevent the varnish from drying in the device. When the colors are protected with "Model Air Varnish" and dried thoroughly, they will withstand oil paints, varnish, turpentine oil and even light cleaning with alcohol. Compared to other water-based acrylic paints, "Model Air" has better adhesion and resistance to abrasion and scratching.

  • Thinner: The thinner, "Extender", gives the colors more flexibility without affecting the opacity and adhesion at the same time, and it delays the drying time in the spray gun. It is recommended to always add a few drops of thinner to the paints. "Model Air" can also be mixed with water or alcohol, but this can affect the properties of the colors.
    The ModelAir Airbrush Flow Improver is new to the range
  • Airbrush cleaning agent: The "Vallejo" cleaning agent is the ideal solution for cleaning the airbrush when changing colors. The remnants of the old paints are quickly removed, while at the same time the mechanism of the device is kept mobile without damaging it
    (This is particularly important when using spray guns with plastic parts).
    While working with the airbrush gun, it is recommended to clean the nozzle from time to time with the "Vallejo Cleaner" because this prevents the gun from clogging.

    For thorough cleaning, the airbrush is filled with cleaner mixed with 50% cleaning alcohol (isopropanol)

    You can also put the parts in this mixture for 12 hours. Afterwards, the device should be rinsed with cleaner so that the mechanism remains protected if it is not used for a longer period of time.
    If the airbrush device is used daily and is not cleaned carefully, it is advisable to put a few drops of Vallejo Cleaner in the paint cup and pull back the needle of the airbrush a little.
    The airbrush will be in perfect working order the next day.

The Vallejo © Model Air can also be used with a brush, ink pen, drawing pen, etc. The colors can be easily masked with Vallejo Liquid Mask and Createx masking foils and the cleaner dissolves even dried paint. Tools such as airbrushes, paint brushes, and other painting implements can also be cleaned with soap and water.