How should this sentence be written?

184 ingenious sentence beginnings with which your thesis will (almost) write itself

by Tim Reichel

You actually know exactly what you want to write. You actually understood the topic of your thesis well and are even motivated at the moment. Actually, you are not missing anything - but you do not know how to start. Actually, that wouldn't be a problem if you weren't running out of time. Actually, you could just start writing and construct your sentences according to the same pattern.

Would that bother anyone?

Yes. Your examiner.

In your thesis, it not only depends on what you write (content), but also on how you present it. If the beginnings of your sentences are always the same, your text will appear boring and unimaginative. Of course, your work is mostly about scientific methodology and sound results. The best research work, however, loses its shine if it is presented monotonously and without style.

In addition: If you lack the linguistic tools to write, every sentence is a torture. You cannot find a beginning, use a lot of filler words and the argumentation suffers. All of this costs you time, energy and clarity. Can you afford that?

During my work at the university, I supervised and corrected countless theses. Every time I sit down with my students and talk about writing, I realize: They Catches of sentences are a critical element. Most students know very well what they want to write. They just don't know how to start. You feel insecure, cannot find a suitable beginning of a sentence and therefore spend minutes looking for the right introduction.

That's why I wrote this article for you with my editor Rebecca. We have put together a total of 184 sentence beginnings for your next study project, which will make writing a lot easier for you.


No more writer's block!


Use these sentence beginnings for your thesis

One thing in advance: There are endless ways in which you can begin your sentences. For this reason, the 184 sentence beginnings in this article are only a fraction of what is linguistically available to you. However, our compilation provides a solid basis for your next academic text and will help you to write faster and more varied.

There is also a practical example of use for each of the beginnings of sentences presented so that you can see the respective option in action. For a better structure, we have divided the beginnings of sentences into ten categories:

Enough explained. Now we're building sentences.


Category: sequencing, subdividing



First of all, a common approach to the problem of air pollution was defined.



First a suitable experimental group should be found.


At this point

At this point it should be noted that colloquial language was used intentionally to outline the linguistic development of society.



Furthermore, a suitable marketing strategy is essential for an appropriate product establishment.



In addition, Obama felt compelled to reform the health system.



Before the two corrosive substances can be added to each other, sufficient protective clothing should be ensured.


After that

Then the sulfate and nitrate ores are heated to 420 degrees.



At the same time, it must be checked whether these theoretical considerations can be physically implemented.



The metal then oxidized.


Afterwards / afterwards

Then the question arises whether Schiller's hypothesis on the powerlessness gradient in the “ghost seer” is actually tenable.



Next, a voltmeter and ammeter are used to measure the current and voltage across the resistor (see Figure 1).


This time

This time zinc was used instead of stainless steel.


At the moment / at the moment

At the moment / at the moment it is controversial whether personal sales within the marketing mix ‘should be assigned to distribution or communication policy.



Afterwards, the subjects were asked to remember the material shown.



Such an assessment is no longer possible afterwards.



This was later rejected as not permitted.



It was also checked whether the statement made by the client Peter Mustermann was true.



As a result, a more effective way of collecting and evaluating empirical data emerged.



Before that, the supremacy of the church was omnipresent.



As a result, new molecular compounds formed.


At the same time

At the same time, a literary approach can also be pursued, which may offer better information.


Category: Temporal, temporal



Japan's population has been declining since the end of World War II.


At the same time

At the same time, the Axis Powers decided on an alternative approach.



Lately, strong deviations in behavior of the chimpanzees outside of their natural habitat have been observed.


Recently / recently

Recently / recently a breakthrough in the field of planetary research has been achieved.



In the end, the impression arose that one could have foreseen the outcome of this precarious situation, but this was a misjudgment.



At the moment there is great social uncertainty in this regard.


For now

It is currently being investigated whether the eutrophication of local lakes actually caused mass fish deaths.


In front

Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany's socio-economic situation was uncertain.



The use of tools was already widespread in the age of the Neanderthals.



It was recently discovered that this form of treatment no longer meets today's standards.



Currently, however, the image of the modern woman is shaped by supposed overemancipation and thus enormous distance from original role theories.



There is currently heated debate about whether this approach is morally justifiable.



A concrete classification of the events is currently not possible.


At the hour

At the hour of the first waves of refugees, neither the federal government nor the population were prepared for the actual bureaucratic and humanitarian requirements.



Recently it was reported that the term of office of the Federal Chancellor should be shortened.



While feminist tendencies are growing rapidly in European cultures, women of Arab origin continue to struggle with the prevailing patriarchy.



Experts now agree that this procedure is not effective.



In the meantime, new specifications have been introduced in order to minimize error quotients.



Meanwhile, the specialists in the field of neurolinguistics deal with cognition and language skills.


Over time

Over time, however, the view of multilocal family structures has changed.


In the meantime

In the meantime, the preparation cooled down to room temperature.



In the meantime, the conversion of the physical state can be observed with the aid of a distillation apparatus.


After this

After both the Argentine and British armies failed to annex the Falkland Islands, a deed of surrender was signed in Port Stanley.



Meanwhile, end-stage liver cancer has been diagnosed.


Category: Summarizing, summarizing


At long last

Ultimately, it is up to the reader whether to classify this as fiction or historical probability.


As long as

As long as both parties act in consensus, the legal dispute can be assumed to have proceeded peacefully.



Occasionally these numbers fluctuate, but there is still a clear trend to be seen.


In summary

In summary, the test results show that most students are prone to unhealthy procrastination behavior.



If survey A deviates from the modal value, this means that a social rethinking is actually taking place.



In conclusion, it should be noted that cultural property should not be given any less importance just to maintain profitability.


In the end

After all, it was the responsibility of the Supreme Court to judge previous events.


In retrospect

In retrospect, it turned out that the process of system integration requires considerable optimization.



The decision was then issued to warn every so-called "influencer" who was responsible for insufficient advertising.


In summary

In summary, it can be stated that the results of the study represent the state of the art.


Category: Inferring, Inferring


After that

The following legislation is based on this: According to Section 35 of the Criminal Code, anyone who commits a criminal offense to avert a current, unavoidable danger to himself or a family member, acts without guilt.



So the following definition results for the axiom of completeness: √ 2 = sup {x E Q | x² <2}



Therefore, the assumption of a linear relationship with an ohmic resistance between current and voltage could be confirmed.


By definition

By definition, the publication of such content constitutes a violation of copyright law.



It was precisely these measures that made the attempt successful.


For this reason

For this reason, a re-examination of the circumstantial evidence is strongly recommended.



Consequently, this formulation would not correspond to the legal guidelines.



Accordingly, the growth rate of the East German population fell by 12.5 percent.



Accordingly, various processes must be optimized here in order to ensure economic competitiveness.


As a result

As a result, such an assault would not have taken place under these conditions.


Due to

Due to the increasing desire of the students for more qualifying degrees, an inflation of the academic educational titles inevitably follows.


Because of that

Because of this, the compulsory attendance must be reduced here.


As a result

As a result of the tectonic plate shift, one of the most fundamental theories on the endogenous dynamics of the earth emerged.



As a result, subsidization is expected here.


That’s why

That is why theoretical instruction in advance is compulsory.



This could prevent both liquids from diffusing prematurely.



There is therefore no substance that is principally defined as a starting material or reaction product.



The growing trade dispute between the USA and China, which could trigger the next US economic crisis, is cited as the reason for this drastic change.


As a result

As a result of non-compliance with the established rules of conduct, the child must expect sanctions.


Because of

Because the demand was too low and the production costs were too high, that item had to be removed from the range.


Due to

Due to the fact that physical health is strongly aligned with mental integrity, mindfulness is essential.


The reason for this is / would be

The reason for this is / would be the strong turnaround in migration policy, which, according to the population, came much too late.


As a result

As a result, new electron shells were created.


On the basis

Based on the current standard, the statement made did not offer any indication of a possible culpability.



In the end it can be stated that the “Odyssey” is one of the most edited works in Western literary and cultural history.



Therefore result A is only valid under laboratory conditions.


No more writer's block!


Category: Contrasting, Limiting


Especially since

Especially since the likelihood of illness is 32.4% lower with early prophylaxis, a medical assessment is advisable as early as childhood.



In view of the complexity of the concept of intertextuality, Michael Bachtin's concept of dialogue should first be used to explain the fundamentals.



However, this is not based on the economic principle of minimalism.



Leaders of other religious institutions were equally dismayed.


To some extent

The study on reducing factors for depression among academics was somewhat successful.



However, it must be taken into account that Freudian theories have always been highly controversial.



Nonetheless, the patient seems to be presented here more as an economic factor than a human individual.


In contrast to

In contrast, it makes more sense to use metallic materials instead of plastic ones.



However, this theory only suggests that the author suffered from schizophrenic episodes.



Neither approach A nor approach B can prove beyond a doubt that an improvement in the situation could be brought about here.



In addition to Kant, Laplace should also be used.


Apart from

Aside from Berner's theory, there is agreement among experts that humanity is causing its own process of decline.



There are only minor differences between the positions of Bordieu and Gramsci.


In the meantime

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel succeeded in becoming the first German Federal Chancellor.



Nonetheless, one might suspect that these statistics allow generalizations.


Despite everything / all that

In spite of all this, the majority of all those involved benefited from the decision.



Regardless of this, there has been strong growth in this area.



The list of the current test series of the Fraunhofer Institute is problematic here.


As a precaution

As a precaution, highly flammable substances should not be used.



The view of the Liberals and Social Democrats would have to be presented differently.



Nonetheless, it is a significant event in terms of technological advancement.


Much more

Rather, when dealing with secondary literature, care should be taken to ensure that it is quoted correctly.



If the economic crisis and mass exodus to the West had not caused an upheaval in the GDR, Germany might not be united today.



So Beck's thesis can partly be verified.


On the one hand on the other hand

On the one hand / on the other hand, it cannot be determined on the basis of this graphic whether this applies to all ethnic groups.



Compared to studies at the time, the focus today is more on speech therapy.



At the same time, it should be tested whether this meets the academic requirements.



Although the parasitism has negative connotations in contrast to a symbiotic connection, positive aspects can also be found here.


In contrast

In contrast to the Japanese level of education, a deficit in mathematical skills is clearly recognizable here.


In spite of

Despite the relevant evidence, the defendant was acquitted.


In turn

Again, communication that is too open would be disastrous for the social gradient.



Unless you reverse the polarity of the circuit.


On the other hand

In contrast to the common opinion that objects are coveted for their value, Herbartsch sees this thesis as unacceptable.


In contrast to

In contrast, the ABC method assigns a priority to each factor.



When comparing Catholicism and Protestantism, the main difference is the question of the sufficiency and authority of Scripture.



Admittedly, not enough leeway for further external influences was taken into account in the case study mentioned.


On the one hand on the other hand

On the one hand / on the other hand, it is believed that inclusion promotes children's social skills and that nobody feels isolated. On the other hand, however, one has to consider that this also means that special needs cannot be met.


Category: Numbering, enumerating



First, SES has an absolute economic monopoly in satellite operation.



Second, this restructuring would offer a much better basis for a motivating working atmosphere.


Third, the mortality rate could be reduced if the socio-economic status is too low.



In addition, a reduction of hydrogen peroxide is required.



The theater was also very popular in ancient times.



In addition, this approach does not permit any further hypothesis.



It is also discussed whether the introduction of the euro as a common currency was really beneficial.



The midnight formula can also be applied to this case study.


Another / further aspect

Another aspect that needs to be considered is stylistics in art history.


A reason

One reason is the high level of superstition among the population.


An advantage

One advantage of the so-called "sandwich method" compared to regular criticism is the increase in employee motivation.


In the foreground

The focus here is on the above-average use of metaphors.


Category: Quantitative


Around / almost

Approximately half a million people are affected by this event.



Seventeen out of a hundred participants stated that they did not suffer any impairment.


As many

As many men as women suffer from burnout if the psychological stress is too high.



Hardly any research result can stand up to pure empiricism.



Almost two dozen of the bodies of water examined were declared oligotrophic.



Almost all respondents were of the opinion that too little had changed for the better.


Half as much

Half as many women as men are among the top earners.


Practically everyone

Practically every child today is socialized in dealing with modern technology.



Almost half a century later, the negative effects are showing.


Strongly pronounced

The desire for appreciation is very pronounced here.



About a third of the subjects complained of temporary visual disturbances after long-term use of the preparation.


Category: Descriptive, explanatory



Only the testing on the human object brought clarity about the actual accompanying phenomena.


In the event of

In the event of an agreement between the governing powers, both countries would benefit.



The study of psychology in particular is elementary here in order to understand such behavioral problems.


At least

At least the Egyptians could take advantage of slavery.


starting point

The starting point for this debate is the recent events in Paris.


With the intention of

In order to falsify Süßmilch's theoretical approach, the following aspects are dealt with: ...


With this justification

With this justification, the following measures were taken: ...


This means

This means that the current state of research is not published in the media.



Multimedia teaching methods or the development of certain personality traits can be examined.



Such developments are cause for concern.


Direct reference

Figure 2 shows to what extent the attitude towards human rights violations of the experimental group has changed compared to the control group.



First of all, an increase in profitability would be worth mentioning.


Exemplary for this

An example of this would be the storming of the Bastille in 1789, which represented an escalation of the Estates General.



In this fictitious example from dentistry, the probing depth is determined using two different methods (A and C).


In the section

The graphical evaluation of the measured values ​​takes place in section 3.1.


Viewed empirically

From an empirical point of view, these cannot represent substitutes.



Historically, there are strong fluctuations in the area of ​​militarization.



Three visualizations are shown in the graphic below: ...



In the midst of difficulties, according to Einstein's point of view, this is where the possibility lies.



In order to collect analytical studies, detailed tests are necessary in advance.



Opinions are divided about Goethe's work.



Under Kleinschmidt's direction, research on the relationship between evolution and religion experienced a new upswing.



Behind Kafka's work there are strong autobiographical references that give the appearance of self-therapeutic purposes.


In further consideration

A closer look shows that Japanese Buddhism differs from Indian Buddhism primarily in its multiple schools.


Category: Normative, trend-setting


Loud / According / In accordance with

According to / according to / in accordance with §32 StGB, this offense is to be assessed as self-defense.



For nominally distributed data, a count is made and the rate of correspondence is assessed.


Based on

The Federal Office decides on the application based on the personal hearing and the detailed examination of documents and evidence.



With regard to demographic change, it can be stated that a school merger is necessary if the investment in education per student is not to increase.


Based on

Based on comparative educational analyzes such as the PISA studies, one can speak of an empirical turnaround in educational science.


Category: Others



Martin Luther King is considered to be one of the most outstanding representatives in the non-violent struggle against oppression and social inequality.


Personal pronouns

She has always been venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church.


possessive pronouns

His focus was on the systematization of the success factors of knowledge management.



Discussing was the most popular means of conversation even in the time of the Greeks.



It remains to be seen where these developments will ultimately lead.


No more writer's block!



Gone are the days when you thought about the beginning of a sentence for ages. You will never again despair while writing your thesis, because from today you have a practical toolbox with 184 sentence beginnings at your disposal, which you can always fall back on if you get stuck. You'll never have to settle for three or four standard openings that make your lyrics boring again.

From now on you can draw on the full.

If you can't think of another beginning of a sentence, see the list above as a source of inspiration. Use them as you like, adapt them to your needs and vary the beginnings of sentences so that they suit you and your study project.

And if you can think of any other options: let me know and write me in a comment below this article how you would add to the list.


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