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No, I had no idea about the whole game. I had 460 followers or something on Instagram at the time, the only thing I shared was any sort of sayings. In 2017, this social media behavior wasn't as popular as it is today, when the television viewer actually decided who would be successful afterwards and who would not. No pig knew beforehand how who would get there. Today it's a completely different number, because Hinz and Kunz simply get fame.

3. How much money did you get for your participation?

Anyone who wants to go to a bachelorette because of the money will be disappointed. The fees are nowhere near as high as you might imagine. Let me say this much: Rumor has it that the payment with us was in the rather low four-digit range around an average of € 2,000. 😉 There were definitely higher ones. It just depends on who negotiated beforehand and how. Also, some people think that the longer you stay on the show or the more scenes are shown, the more you get, but that's bullshit. That is fixed beforehand and is good. One of them once claimed that he got 10,000 euros, but I don't believe that.

4. Ok, that's really puny. How do you do it, do you get released from your jobs for so long? Which employer is up for something like that?

Nik (Schröder), for example, was released, Johannes had vacation and quit his job afterwards. I had just given up the gym that I ran - but the bachelorette was just one of the reasons. With the others, I don't know how they do it myself.

5. How long did you shoot and how does such a day of shooting go?

7 weeks, dude. I was there 5 of them. At some point you don't feel like it anymore. So long without contact with the outside world, no cell phone, no internet, no television. If you're lucky, you can call your mom once a week and that's it. People always think of it as a vacation, but no, no, no. This is anything but vacation. You go to bed around 2 a.m., drink alcohol regularly, call time around 8 a.m. and you have constant shooting action. There is only one subject - this one woman - and you sit in the same house with other men almost around the clock.

How does it work? I'll take you through the first night of roses: We started at 2 p.m. with the mask and the fitting. That lasted until 6 p.m., then we were driven to the villa, wired and Co., until - when the light was good - we gradually met Jessi around 9:30 p.m. Until everyone was through, the rest of them peed around the villa for three hours and got drunk. Interviews were then conducted for 1-2 hours and original sounds collected. Until the decision was made and EVERYTHING was in the box, it was half past nine in the morning! I was pretty much in it and had already slept on the couch when they woke me up again about an interview. That is why the day after the night of the roses is always the only day of the week that there is no filming.

6. You will be fitted out and made up? Isn't it kidding?

Only on the first night of the roses. BUT: Before shooting, you have to send the broadcaster photos of all your clothes that you want to take with you and get the go. I didn't feel like it and just threw my things on the bed and took pictures. So you bring your own clothes, but they still have a huge cloakroom for emergencies. Depending on how long you stay, you may run out of your own things and have to fall back on them.

7. A huge pile of testosterone together for weeks. Can't be that none of you ever did it yourself, right?

I can't speak for everyone, but I definitely can't! I didn't feel like it. Didn't waste a thought on it at all. You don't get in the mood with other men, and nothing comes of the few minutes or hours you spend with her because everything takes place in front of cameras. The last thing that comes up in you is lust.