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Bruno Jasienski: Pest over Paris. novel

Bahoe Books, Vienna 2020
ISBN 9783903290358, hardcover, 300 pages, 20.00 EUR
Translated from the Polish by Klaus Staemmler. The entry is a single staccato of futuristic allegories and unbelievable adjectives about the hunger and anger of a Parisian worker who ...

Gustave Flaubert: Bouvard and Pécuchet. (1 mp3 CD)

The Audio Verlag (DAV), Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783742415264, CD, 10.00 EUR
1 mp3 CD with 335 minutes running time. Reading with Richard Lauffen. The two simply knitted Parisian office workers Bouvard and Pécuchet, who unexpectedly found their fortune, move to an estate ...

Anonymous: The sawmill. novel

Klaus Wagenbach Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783803128324, paperboard, 160 pages, 12.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Konstantin Meisel. The narrator of this singular book is a young man who is forced to work in a sawmill for two years before his military service. ...

Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly: a married priest. novel

Matthes and Seitz Berlin, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783957578532, hardcover, 498 pages, 32.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Hermann Hofer. With an essay by Pierre Klossowski. Jean Sombreval has left his life as a priest and celibacy behind and devoted himself entirely to science and progress ...

Laurent Binet: Conquest. novel

Rowohlt Verlag, Hamburg 2020
ISBN 9783498001865, hardcover, 384 pages, 24.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Kristian Wachinger. What if two things had gone differently in the history of Europe? First: The Vikings would have sailed as far as South America with horses and iron weapons. ...

Janet Lewis: Doom. novel

dtv, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783423282338, hardcover, 448 pages, 24.00 EUR
From the American by Susanne Höbel. With an afterword by Julia Encke. A pamphlet goes from hand to hand in the alleys of Paris: It defamed Louis XIV and his mistress economy. The Sun King ...

Hubert Mingarelli: A winter meal. novel

Ars vivendi Verlag, Cadolzburg 2020
ISBN 9783747201787, hardcover, 142 pages, 18.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Elmar Tannert. Before the day guard, three Wehrmacht soldiers set out to find Jews hidden in the snowy surroundings. For them a possibility to ...

Dominique Manotti: Marseille. 73. novel

Argument Verlag, Hamburg 2020
ISBN 9783867542470, hardcover, 400 pages, 23.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Iris Konopik. Eleven years after Algeria's independence, things are smoldering on the Côte d'Azur. With parts of the Marseilles police force, racism is considered good form. The murder of a French ...

Rachilde: Monsieur Vénus. Materialistic novel

Reclam Verlag, Stuttgart 2020
ISBN 9783150112878, hardcover, 218 pages, 18.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Alexandra Beilharz and Anne Maya Schneider. Afterword by Martine Reid. Raoule de Vénérande is a wealthy young woman from the old Parisian aristocracy. She falls in love with the artist ...

Benjamin Constant: Adolphe. novel

Matthes and Seitz Berlin, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783957578419, hardcover, 176 pages, 18.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Erich Wolfgang Skwara. A young nobleman with the best of prospects conquers another's mistress, Elléonore, on a whim like a trophy. But instead of a fleeting ...

Pierre Lemaitre: mirror of our pain. novel

Klett-Cotta Verlag, Stuttgart 2020
ISBN 9783608983616, hardcover, 480 pages, 24.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Tobias Scheffel. The finale of the trilogy of novels by Goncourt Prize winner Pierre Lemaitre: As early as September 1939, France and Great Britain gave the German Reich the ...

Karine Tuil: Human things. novel

Claassen Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783546100021, hardcover, 384 pages, 22.00 EUR
Translated from the French by Maja Ueberle-Pfaff. The Farels are beautiful and rich, they have influence and power: Jean Farel is a prominent television journalist, his wife Claire an intellectual, well-known ...

Julia Deck: Private Property. novel

Klaus Wagenbach Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783803113566, hardcover, 144 pages, 18.00 EUR
From the French by Antje Peter. To anticipate it right away: The fate of the red cat is terrible. But that of the other characters in this bitterly angry story no less. Charles ...