Why can we fly in our dreams

Dream Interpretation: flying can mean different things

Just take off and float freely through the air: In the interpretation of dreams, flying is a symbol for the urge for freedom, but sometimes also for escape. Read more about the dream of being able to fly.

Dream Interpretation: being able to fly means liberation

The dream of flying is one of the most common dreams, and it's not that amazing at all. Finally, your body relaxes while you sleep, so that the feeling of lightness is reflected in your dream images. In general, in the dream interpretation, flying stands for freedom or letting go.

It is particularly common for people to dream that they can fly when they have achieved something important, such as graduating from school or exams, or solving a long-standing problem.

Breaking up with a partner can also often be a feeling of liberation. Flying in your sleep can also stand for overcoming fears.

Being able to fly also involves dangers

Often in the dream interpretation, flying also has a negative connotation. Because: if you can fly, you can crash too. This type of nightmare can be a reminder not to set your goals too high. Fear of loss is also the basis of the dream of falling.

In the positive sense of the dream interpretation, flying means that you can stand above things - in the negative sense, that when you take off you lose your grip on the ground.

Even unsolved problems that you might want to escape from can express themselves as a dream of flying while sleeping. Anyone who suddenly develops inhuman abilities while sleeping may dream of escaping reality.

The latent desire for a climax

Like so much, flying also has a sexual component in dream interpretation. Taking off is associated with the desire for the climax. For the dream interpretation aimed in this direction, flying is associated with sexual ecstasy and erotic fantasies.

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