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Tighten your chest without surgery: 5 + 1 exercises for a beautiful cleavage

These simple tips will help tone your chest

A beautiful cleavage and a tight chest are a symbol of femininity. But if the cleavage loses its elasticity and firmness, this can lead to considerable dissatisfaction and many women wonder what the cause is and what they can change. In addition to excessive sunbathing, smoking, breastfeeding after pregnancy or simple signs of aging, genetic predisposition also plays a role. For most women, this process begins by the age of 25 at the latest.

Before it gets that far, however, there is effective exercises which help to support the body and to have a tight and feminine cleavage for longer. We have put together 5 exercises and care tips for you that you can easily do at home. All you need is filled water bottles or weights and your body. For a visible effect, try the exercises to repeat a couple of times a week. You will see: this not only leads to a firm chest, but also to an improved body feeling!

Instructions for the individual exercises can be found below!

1. The classic: pushups

Your body should form a straight line with your hands positioned vertically under your shoulders. Now tighten your body and push yourself off the floor with your arms. Repeat this exercise until you feel a slight burning sensation in the muscles.

Just as effective, but a little easier to start with: for the push-ups, support your body on the edge of a table or a low wall, for example. Another alternative: do the push-ups on your knees.

2. Press palms against each other and tighten

Bring your palms together in front of your chest. Forearms and elbows form a straight line parallel to the floor. Now press your hands tightly against each other and hold this tension a little. On the next exhale, slowly reduce the tension and repeat the exercise five times. You can do this exercise while sitting or standing. Always keep your back straight.

3. butterfly

To do this, take a 1 liter bottle or 1 kg weights in each hand. Bend your knees and go into a straddle. The upper body is kept straight and the elbows are raised at right angles from shoulder height. From this position, slowly bring the two bottles together in the middle. Close and open your arms 10 times. Then give yourself a short break and do a total of 3 repetitions.

4. "Chop wood"

Take a bottle (1 - 2 liters) filled with water or a weight and hold it above your head. Then, straddle your legs and make sure your torso is straight. Now imagine you were chopping wood: forcefully swing the tightly closed bottle down over your head and back up again.

5. Arm raises with dumbbells

If you don't have dumbbells available, this exercise can just as easily be performed with filled water bottles.

Bring your body into the correct position by spreading your legs and placing your arms with the dumbbells on your upright torso. Then stretch your arms sideways to shoulder height and slowly lower them again without bumping into your hips. Repeat this exercise 30 times.

+ 1: Additional care tips for a beautiful cleavage

Regularly apply lotion: Moisture promotes elasticity in the skin.

Relaxing Breast massages stimulate blood circulation.

Cold water / ice cubes on the skin stimulate the Blood circulation of the connective tissue. Lotions and oils with plant extracts enhance this effect.

Sun protection: Special creams with a particularly high sun protection factor can help prevent unpleasant pigment spots and wrinkles.

The right Sleeping position: the supine position supports a firm chest.

Make up with mother-of-pearl particles: the shimmer optimally conceals unevenness -