How do infographic links work in search engine optimization

Link building strategy

Link building is a method of search engine optimization. It is based on the fact that hyperlinks are an important ranking factor in the Google algorithm. With the help of this algo, the ranking of the search results (serps) is determined. In short: many good backlinks are useful for ranking. The problem with link building: Google wants to prevent spammy content from getting into search results. Therefore, there are a number of webmaster guidelines that prohibit the targeted setting of links for the purpose of ranking improvement.

Link building (never without risk)

The secret of successful link building, therefore, is to make it appear natural as much as possible. The links that are established must therefore correspond to natural link patterns. In the past, link building was mainly carried out through link purchase or link rental. However, these link profiles are relatively easy to understand. Above all, the Google Penguin update recognized many such links and penalized the websites concerned (moved down in the ranking).

Clean, organic link building via content

Nowadays, many SEO and SEO agencies focus on accelerating the natural link building through link baits (infographics etc.) and content marketing as well as targeted influencer seeding. The aim is to create such high-quality content and then make it known to website operators so that natural linking takes place.

Link building tips

You should pay particular attention to or consider the following points:

  • Regardless of whether it was bought, exchanged or set yourself, the target link must be "credible".
  • Links are only "credible" if the page has visitors.
  • Source links are usually only credible if the linked page is at the top of the list on Google.
  • Links are also credible if a page is currently generating "buzz" (in social media channels) and receives a lot of visitors.
  • Weak keywords can generate good links - because it is comparatively easy to get top Google rankings with them, just with good content.
  • Links are never created "regularly"!
  • Natural link building takes time.
  • Good links - bad links !? Is also (!) Dependent on the link target. The better the content, the better the potential links.
  • Pages that are not suitable for external links, can only be supplied internally. That's just as good!

The following graphic sums up an article about link building well:

Link building - including internal linking

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