Which song is used in rave

“Longing for Rave”: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf draws attention to dying clubs with a hit song

The year 2020 seems to be quite an opportunity for artists. Scooter recently delivered the hymn of the past few months with their song “FCK 2020”, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf followed up in his show “Late Night Berlin”.

“Longing for Rave” is the name of the song that he reproduces in a music video on a houseboat, more than soulfully in the finest hits. Klaas is supported by the two singers Patrick Lindner and Bernhard Brink.

Schlager and Rave? Two things that belong together for us like Nutella and butter. They just don't belong together. And yet: The video is a fun feast for the eyes. Pay attention to the lyrics and Klaas ‘extra white teeth.

Well worth watching the video until the end. There is a serious message behind all the rubbish. "Longing for Rave" draws attention to the current club death due to the corona crisis. “94 percent of the clubs will close forever,” reads in black and white. Then some are listed.

That doesn't make you feel good. Ultimately, existences are also connected with it. The YouTube video also states that “it is currently important and right to forego partying.” Nevertheless, the longing is there.

That's the way it is! After this song you really feel the need to treat yourself to a few after-work drinks at the end of the day and to go to a rave.