What causes peace

Peace and security - a task for development policy

The promotion of peace in the world is one of the central state goals that the Basic Law defines for German politics.

Germany's commitment to peace is based on the recognition that peace is more than just the absence of war. The guiding principle of the German engagement is the long-term vision of a "positive peace": It is about realizing social justice and reducing the structural causes of violent conflicts, for example poverty, lack of prospects, inequality, violation of human rights and restriction of political participation.

Conflicts are a natural part of social change processes. They cannot and should not be avoided across the board. Peace and development are only possible, however, if conflicts are resolved constructively and without violence - achieving this is one of the goals of German development cooperation.

For example, the German commitment to good governance and against fragile statehood serves this purpose. It helps break down the breeding ground for violence. Human security is understood as a comprehensive concept that takes political, economic, social and ecological aspects into account. For example, food and income security and social security.

Lasting peace is only possible where people can lead a life free from want and fear.