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Solidarity-based agriculture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

This is how the platform "" describes the crowdfunding project "Solidarity-based agriculture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland"

Solidarity-based agriculture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Our motivation: We observe in ourselves and in our environment dissatisfaction with the prevailing form of economic activity, especially with industrialized and commercialized agriculture. In terms of a positive alternative, we see and have a need for possibilities and forms that promote solidarity, communication, cooperation, self-determination and a respectful treatment of the earth and thus open up a meaningful and long-term future perspective. Our approaches and qualifications are as diverse as the topics we deal with as part of the project: We study agricultural sciences, international development, special education or even mathematics, some grew up on a farm and want to continue it. What we all have in common is the desire to implement human values ​​such as cooperation and solidarity in (agricultural) economic activity, to live economic models and forms of community that are rich in relationships and to preserve our natural environment. Aims of the project: Our project aims to make the experiences of different initiatives of solidarity economy in the field of agriculture generally accessible in a processed form. The initiatives mentioned include: * Community-run farms (several people or families run a farm together) * Businesses that have opted for a form of solidarity-based marketing (Community Supported Agriculture, non-commercial agriculture). We want to make it easier for our group itself and for all interested parties to plan and implement such initiatives and increase their acceptance and awareness in society. In addition, our project should be the basis or contribution for further discussion of the topic. Specifically, we create written documentation in which the people on the study trip, in white ...

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