What are the most predictable football leagues

Predictability of sports

Let's start with the most popular sport, soccer, which is very popular with online bettors. From a mathematical point of view, football loses the competition for the title of the most predictable sport right from the start. Why? Mainly because there are three possible outcomes of a game in football: victory, draw, defeat. This fact causes our percentage chance of predicting the outcome of a game before it starts is only 33%. In addition, football is often exposed to corruption, so that we have to do with rigged games, which you can hear about in the media more and more often. This is in part due to the popularity that football enjoys with bettors. The problem for soccer tippers is the right choice of league and dates of the games. What do we mean by that? Firstly, there are leagues where we can actually be sure that there is no corruption because of the strict regulations of the local football associations. A perfect example of this is the English Premier League, in which the football clubs, who let their reserve players play for less important games are severely punished. It seems that the Moggiopoli scandal in Italy has delayed attempts to manipulate the games of Italian clubs for the time being. The football leagues in the countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia or Russia, are certainly more prone to corruption than the others. Information about rigged games also comes from the Balkan Peninsula - Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. If we decide to bet on football, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the dates of the games. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the first and especially the last game days of the football seasons in Europe are often referred to as “game days of miracles”, in which the much stronger teams very often lose points against weaker teams that need them more. So if we want to bet on football, we think of these "little things".