Is David Copperfield Satan

Calling to Satan on ProSieben

Has the British-Israeli magician still not found someone who will represent him with dignity after his retirement? Some people who still read about the program “The next Uri Geller” in the program guide may ask. After Geller had already pretended to be looking for a successor in Israel, the USA, Holland, Hungary and Germany, the position is still vacant. ProSieben has been helping with job interviews again since January. Live in front of the audience in the hall and in front of TV viewers, the spoon bender, who has been exposed several times, lets six dark figures appear again, who are supposed to sell their junk as true magic in the 21st century. The audience ratings drop dramatically - but ProSieben is sticking to Uri.

The competing broadcaster SUPER RTL has been broadcasting a series parallel to the broadcasting time of “The next Uri Geller” for a long time, in which magicians explain all the tricks with great precision. Embarrassing for ProSieben, good news for SUPER RTL: the show has almost as many viewers as Uri Geller's live show.

It goes without saying that ProSieben has to offer more and more. We know mind reading by now. In one of the last shows, an artist named “Amila” almost drowned in a sealed water basin because her trick didn't work as intended, sorry: because her mental abilities weren't charged that day. Incidentally, the winner of the first season, Vincent Raven, who wanted to pretend that he could contact the world of the dead with his raven “Corax” (of which there are, by the way, three copies), almost got into it himself. The wizard recently had to be hospitalized with a stroke.

Hebrew as a magic language

In yesterday's episode of “The next Uri Geller” a new limit had to be crossed. As usual, Uri Geller speaks of energies, everything remains very diffuse. Just as magicians and jugglers have been digging out glass balls at fairs for centuries or seem to speak to the dead, ProSieben magicians also captivate their audiences in 2009. The fact that most of them look like tournament dancers or third-rate solo entertainers either just tears really simple-minded people off their feet - or contributes to the evening amusement of those who have not found anything else in the TV program.

“Achad Shtaim Shalosh” - Uri Geller's pseudo-magic formula is now even shown to the television viewer at the bottom of the screen. To have a say. The question remains, how many know that this just means “1, 2, 3” in Hebrew. How bitterly serious the mentalists in glitter suits want their craft to be regarded, however, can be seen every evening on the faces of the prominent guests. Petrified, some as if in shock, their hands in front of their faces, they watch the tricks up close. Your astonishment does not seem to have been played.

Whether many of the mentalists are also visited privately after their television appearance, because desperate people want to contact their deceased loved ones or are hoping for other help in need? One thing is certain: none of the artists gives the slightest hint that their craft is entirely earthly and that every one of their tricks was bought by traders at face value. David Copperfield is said to have three helpers who are paid to look for jugglers' tricks - and then to shut up.

The shaman Waayatan, for example, again claimed on Tuesday evening that he had taken over the intellectual abilities of his ancestors. Geller agrees - "Tonight you finally convinced me that you really have mental powers." Irresponsible when you consider that there is probably no one in the hall who knows better than Geller how the tricks work.

Satanist hocus-pocus to join in

Moderator Stefan Gödde praises the evening with the words: "We learn something new here every week." The British magician encourages the few remaining viewers in front of the TV again and again this evening: "Today waves of thought will overcome time and space, you will feel it at home - believe it or not", "Everyone join in!"

We can only hope that the television viewers did not take too seriously yesterday evening's last candidate. The 47-year-old trained toolmaker Ulrich Loup is announced as “the bizarre selenium hiker”. At the age of 14, Loup decided to become an illusionist, explains Wikipedia. He worked as a stage magician in Berlin and Los Angeles. He took the chance at Uri Geller by calling the devil himself. “I'll show you the dark side of life,” he announced during the introductory round.

The man wears a self-explanatory black cape - it is difficult to mentalize in a tracksuit - and mimics the late exceptional actor Klaus Kinski a little. The “Psycho-Face” (Jana Ina) creates a fuss, as if he wanted to magically remove the entire audience with the help of hell. In the end, it's a simple trick with paper balls, but the celebrity guests are also a bit shocked.

During the “ritual” the music reaches its dramatic climax, and Ully calls “the Crown Prince of Hell”. Satan, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan, the full program. He also says something about “Shem ha forasch” (a Hebrew expression for God) and the Lord of Darkness evidently obeyed. What was his job? Turn colorful paper balls into a kitschy heart made of glass. The audience is dutifully enthusiastic.

Guest warns: "Caution ..."

Where for many Christians the fun ends, Uri Geller's praise only really begins. Ully from Jülich scared the audience as hell with his “dark powers”. Briefly, surreptitious advertising made for the Blackberry - because a lot of viewers will certainly report to Uri on it, he is sure - and the phone numbers can be activated.

The celebrity guests are a little shocked that you can have a nice little Satan worship live in front of an audience of millions. Giulia Siegel, the daughter of the music producer Ralph Siegel, admits: She got scared when the dark forces were called. “I wouldn't have wanted them to show up. And it was just before that, I think. "

Ingo Naujoks, a talented actor and like the magicians of the trade, adds: “That's the problem when you bring show business and seriousness together in such a precise way that you really don't know whether you should allow such things Names like Satan and Lucifer are called and you are the center of attention. " He adds warningly: "Caution ..." (PRO)