Healthier is a burrito or burrito cup

6 colorful burrito bowls - get Mexico in your bowl

Do you have a soft spot for Mexican cuisine? Tacos, tortillas, chilli con carne, enchiladas, nachos and burritos are yours? Burritos you say Then it's time to add a new favorite dish to your list: the burrito bowls!

What are burrito bowls?

In contrast to the rolled burritos, the wheat flatbread is dispensed with. No filling, no folding - the Mexican delicacies come straight into your bowl. And exactly the same ingredients that go into a rolled burrito. They also join Avocado, beans and Corn a few more spoons of rice. For you are also allowed to fish or flesh to? Put it in the bowl - you decide which ingredients are included as you wish.

You can also choose between a fruity sauce for the sauce tomato salsa, creamier guacamole, a fresh one Yogurt dip or the classic - Sour cream. And what should never be missing from your burrito bowl: the fresh onelime.

Where is the trend coming from?

The trend of eating dishes from a small bowl comes from America and has also become more and more popular here in recent years. No wonder! Serving your favorite ingredients in a bowl not only looks great, but should also make you eat more consciously and healthily. Because the point behind the bowl trend is to fill the bowl with all the essential nutrients.

Even if the trend started with the smoothie bowl, the burrito bowl is already thereabout 10 years ago Born in a Tex-Mex restaurant in America. There, the guests got their burrito rolled up in a bowl instead of in a wheat flatbread.

Are you already hungry? Then it's time to get your bowl. Be inspired by these 6 recipes and fill your burrito bowl with the taste of Mexico!

Table of Contents

Burrito bowl with beef strips

This bowl has a good helping of Mexican flavor: rice, tomatoes, avocado, beans and corn. There are also spicy beef strips and a fresh dressing made from yogurt and limes. Are you missing something? Nope. Wait a minute, where are the beach and the palm trees? To the recipe

Vegan burrito bowl with tofu

Avocado, brown rice, beans and corn - into the bowl with you! The fresh tomato salsa is also allowed. And the tofu! However, there is no free space here for animal products, nor is it necessary. This bowl is so perfectly filled too. To the recipe

Burrito bowl with sweet potatoes and black beans

Put your sweet potatoes in the oven with red peppers and then in the bowl with black beans, rice, avocado and chilli. To do this, conjure up a delicious sauce with mayonnaise and sprinkle some coriander over it. And then? Get a fork and enjoy the burrito! To the recipe

Tuna Burrito Bowl

First you cook the rice. Then you get beans, corn, feta and tuna, mix all the ingredients and season it vigorously. And then? In the tortilla with it? No, you don't need it! Your burrito will not lack anything in the bowl. To the recipe

Spicy Shrimp Burrito Bowl

A fork of the delicious lime rice, a fork of the fresh corn and bean salsa, a fork of the spicy shrimp ... Hmm, why roll it up when it's so wonderful to enjoy from the bowl? To the recipe

Chicken Burrito Bowl

After the chicken is cut into cubes and heavily seasoned, it joins the rice, tomato salsa and guacamole. What does that result? A good portion of Mexican delicacies that are now just looking for a bowl in which to unfold. To the recipe