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Augusta (Georgia)

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Augusta is a city in eastern Georgia on the Savannah River. The river forms the state line between Georgia and South Carolina. On the South Carolina side is the suburb of North Augusta. The city has a certain degree of awareness through the August National Golf Club, Host of the prestigious Masters tournament.

Background [edit]

Augusta, named after Princess Auguste von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg, was founded in 1736 as a military fort to protect the strategically important point of a ford across the Savannah, which is navigable from here to the sea. The city then developed into a trading center for the surrounding cotton farming and processing.

The city has a well-preserved historical center with numerous buildings from the 19th century.

Arrival [edit]

By plane

Augusta has the 33.1994-82.06281(IATA: AGS) has a small commercial airport with regular connections to the hubs in Atlanta, Charlotte and Dallas / Fort Worth. The airport is approximately 5 mi / 8 km south of the city. There is no connection with public transport. You can only get from the airport by car in the form of rental cars, taxis, hotel shuttles or the like.

By train

Only goods traffic runs on the railroad tracks in Augusta.

By bus

33.4809-81.98492 is located on Greene St / Broad Street in the center.

On the street [edit]

Augusta is up to the , which runs east-west from Texas via Atlanta to the Atlantic coast in South Carolina. Together with the it forms a motorway ring around the city.

With the ship [edit]

Mobility [edit]

Map of Augusta (Georgia)

Augusta Public Transit operate a bus network with a total of nine lines. The buses run every hour from Monday to Saturday from 7 to 7, some less frequently. Sundays and public holidays are closed. Even if different lines occasionally overlap in the city center, city buses are no alternative to your own car if you want to get from A to B quickly.

Sights [edit]


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Museums [edit]

  • 33.4747-81.96071,. Tel .: 706-722-8454. Open: Thu-Sat 10-17, Sun 13-17, closed Mon-Wed. Price: adults $ 4. Last change: no information
  • 33.4792-81.96872,. Open: Tue-Sat 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., closed Mon. Price: adults $ 5. Last change: not specified
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Miscellaneous [edit]

  • Historic Trolley Tour
  • 33.4804-81.97013Type is group name, boardwalk along the Savannah River
  • The old town with numerous historic old buildings, monuments and shops along Broad Street, roughly between 13th St and East Boundary St

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  • 33.5118-82.04847,. Tel .: 706-868-1800, Fax: 706-868-9300, last change: no information
  • 33.5148-82.04239,. Tel .: 706-737-3737, Fax: 706-738-7851, last change: no information
  • 33.4817-82.091910,. Tel .: 706-868-8610, Fax: 706-868-8610, last change: no information
  • 33.4864-82.084811,. Tel .: 706-855-8100, Fax: 706-860-1720, last change: no information
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  • 33.5155-82.043617,. Tel .: 706-738-3131, Fax: 706-736-6562, last change: no information
  • 33.5105-82.040419,. Tel .: 706-737-3166, Fax: 706-731-9204, last change: no information