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What is your focus | August 2018

by Tim Schöler

Most of us probably know a circle from our math class.
Especially in geometry you can draw a clean circle on paper with the help of the compass.
The circle is not only used in geometry, but also in the navigation of ships.
There it is used to transfer lengths and distances on maps.

In the Bible focus today, I would like to apply a few interesting thoughts about the use of a circle to our lives.

Before I can draw my circle, I have to determine my center point, because how and where I draw my circles with the compass depends on where I put my center point with the tip.
It is very similar in our life.
I would like to compare the circles that the circle draws with the influence we have on our environment and on other people.
The circles that I draw in my life, i.e. the effects that I have on my environment, depend crucially on the focus I choose.

So today I choose the topic: What is your focus?
The first thought is:

After Paul has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, he sets the center of his life in Jesus Christ.

Gal 2:20: “I was crucified with Christ; and now I live, but no longer I [myself], but Christ lives in me. But what I now live in the flesh, I live in faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself up for me. "

Because he has chosen Jesus as the center of his life, what he does and how he speaks always points to Jesus.

It is a logical consequence that the center of my life influences my behavior.
When I focus on myself, I am pursuing my plans and my own goals. Self-realization is very important today.
But the words of Jesus sound a little different.

Mt. 16:24: "Then Jesus said to his disciples: If anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me!"

When I focus on Jesus, I am pursuing His plans and goals.
And vice versa, it is just as logical that the circles I draw in my life make it clear who or what is my focus.
If your life is self-centered, your behavior will be selfish too.
But if your life is Jesus-centered, this will also be visible in your behavior and the effects you have on your environment and your fellow human beings will be a blessing for others.

The first thing we saw is that it depends on the focus.
But it is also important that we are firmly anchored in the center.

If I want to draw a clean circle with my compass, it is important that the point is correctly in the center.
If the tip is blunt or not pierced correctly, everything will slip.
The tighter the syringe is in the center, the safer and cleaner I can draw my circles.

It is very similar in our life of faith.
The circles that we draw in our life can sometimes also be unclean and indistinct. Jesus is not visible in our behavior, thinking and speaking.
It is probably because our center point keeps slipping and we lose sight of Jesus.
Jesus says to his disciples.

John 15,5: “I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him brings much fruit; because apart from me you cannot do anything. "

The deeper I am anchored in Jesus Christ, the clearer it becomes in my life.
And as a result, the circles I draw, the effects I have on my environment and others, become more and more Christ-like.

When I am converted and born again, I give my life to the Lord Jesus and receive eternal life from him. This is a one-time decision.
But the decision of whether to live it out is something I make every day!
That is a question that I have to clarify anew every day.
Is Jesus the focus and the determining Lord in my speeches, thoughts and actions today?
Test yourself with this question. And then, with Jesus at the center and firmly anchored in him, let him use you.

With my circle I can draw circles of different sizes. I can choose a very large radius, or a very small one.
In the middle is a wheel with which I can adjust the legs of the circle wider or narrower.

When we look at our lives, we sometimes feel disappointed because we feel like we are doing little with our life.
We then quickly look at others and envy them for their supposedly larger and more important tasks or positions.

To stay in the picture, I would like to give you the following:
It is not our first and foremost task to draw large circles, but rather clean ones.

Paul says in

1 Cor. 4.2: "Besides, a steward is only required to be faithfully invented."

We should be careful to remain faithful in the tasks and situations God places us in.
Do not look at the size of the tasks that Jesus puts you in, but ask yourself: how can I serve faithfully in them?
Trust that as you draw faithful circles in the small, Jesus will widen your radius.
In the parable of the talents entrusted to him, Jesus says to the two servants who have acted faithfully with the entrusted:

Mt. 25:23: “His master said to him: Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful about a little, I want to place you above a lot; come in to the joy of your Lord! "

From the circle we learn that what matters is the focus in which I fix my life.
Paul chose Jesus Christ as the content of his life and has thus become a useful tool in the hand of his Lord and a blessing for many people.

Where do you put your focus?