Where can I buy a library of footage


Would you like to have your analog films developed? Put them in professional hands. With years of experience in the photo field, we know what to look out for.


Our professionals are happy to take care of the processing of your:


  • Film development of 35mm films (35mm) or APS films
  • Black and white development
  • Reorders
  • Customer CD with photo book (created in ROSSMANN photo software)
  • ROSSMANN picture CD
  • Slide film development
  • Pictures from the slide
  • Pictures from the picture
  • Images from the data carrier

Develop analog films with our experience

ROSSMANN Fotowelt develops your analog color, slide, roll and 35mm films in the large photo laboratory, which has over a hundred years of experience in film and photo development. Your photo products are manufactured gently and environmentally friendly, at the highest technical level, in Germany. We are your specialist for analog and digital photography. You can buy film material in our ROSSMANN branches and receive our free order bags.


Here you can find out where a ROSSMANN branch is near you. If you have any questions about your analog photos, you can also call our friendly customer service on the service hotline 0800 368 693 58 contact in Germany.

Develop and digitize black and white film

In the digital age, we would like to support your analog 35mm and slide films of all brands and give you the opportunity to save your special images digitally and securely. From your analog black and white film, we develop photo prints and posters in your desired format in matt or glossy. From the dimensions 9 cm x 13 cm to 50 cm x 75 cm, you can have all your photos digitized. In the ROSSMANN photo world there are professionals at work who take care of your analog film development with heart and mind. Of course, you can not only have black and white film developed, but also color films.


TIP: Have a b / w film developed and create great photo gifts

Browse through the ROSSMANN photo world now and use your pictures to create great photo gifts such as photo books or posters that you can use to decorate your walls. Have your analog black and white film developed and design your unique pieces with a vintage look to keep or give away.


You can have your films developed in the ROSSMANN Photo World

With the help of the order envelope, which you can pick up free of charge at a ROSSMANN branch, you can conveniently give your analog photos to our professionals for development. The order form is easy to understand and you can fill it out and hand it in quickly and easily. When filling out the order form, please indicate the format of your photo prints or posters. So we can develop your film according to your wishes. If no format is specified on your mailing envelope, we will create your photo print in the standard format 10 cm x 15 cm with a high-gloss surface.

Develop photo negatives

We are also happy to take care of reordering your negatives. To do this, fill out the reorder section in the order bag and enclose your negatives. Please make sure that there are no negatives with the same number in a mailer so that we can develop your film and assign it correctly.


Have your negatives or films developed quickly and easily in the ROSSMANN Photo World!


With both digital and analog film, we expose your images on high-quality premium photo paper in the ROSSMANN Photo World. You can order your photo prints in elegant matt or brilliant high gloss. However, it is not possible to mix these paper surfaces within one order: Your photos will be digitized in the ROSSMANN Photo World and that exclusively on matt or glossy photo prints.

Yes, of course it is possible. A field is provided for this on the mailer for analog film development; Simply tick this or enclose a note with your comments. The exact prices can be found in the price list.

Your comments. The exact prices can be found in the price list. You can also note on the mailing envelope or in a short cover letter whether you do not need any prints or a CD from the slide film.

Please note that the delivery time for this process is 5-8 working days, as 35mm films are developed by hand in our laboratory.

We would be happy to create a CD for you with your photos digitized from your ROSSMANN photo world. In terms of process technology, we can only create CDs if it is only a source material. We would be happy to create a CD for you with your slides or negative strips. Unfortunately, we cannot burn photos from mixed source materials (e.g. slides and negatives) onto CD.

Depending on the footage you send in, you will receive the following resolutions and formats:

KB film: 1,538 x 1,024 px

APS film: 1,260 x 701 px

Slide film: 1,544 x 1,044 px

Paper prints (up to A4): 1,808 x 1,205 px

After we have developed and edited your film, the film roll will be destroyed. Therefore it is unfortunately not possible for us to send your core back to you. We will send your cut films (your negatives) together with your photos directly to the branch of your choice.

Have your photos developed, because ROSSMANN Fotowelt is your contact for analog film development.