Can babies sleep on swings

Sleep aid for the baby

Most babies need help calming down. This is completely normal. Most parents use the cuddle method. Acuh if it keeps hearing. Please do not let the baby cry so that it can go to sleep on its own!

How to practice falling asleep with your baby:

Embrace while awake, preferably in a lying position. You can sing, hum, whisper, stroke the eyes - anything your baby likes is allowed. Only action and too much eye contact are taboo. Now is bedtime. Mobiles and overly colored lights are also counterproductive. When the baby starts to breathe more slowly and is completely relaxed, you put them in the (preheated) crib. At first just before nodding away, then a touch earlier every day. Make sure that the process is the same every time.

To bed with a bottle?

Newborns are more likely to fall asleep over their evening meal. For this reason, some parents also give the older baby a bottle of milk to take with them to bed. But from around six months you should try to separate the evening meal and bedtime at least half an hour. Otherwise, the result would be that the baby can no longer fall asleep without a bottle when it wakes up at night.
Many parents also try to feed their children as much porridge as possible before bed so that they don't wake up feeling hungry. However, there is a risk that the little one will not be able to sleep well because of its full tummy. Babies are adequately supplied with a normal meal in the evening.

No tricks please!

Lull the baby to sleep in your arms or in a rocking chair: once the little ones get used to it, they always want to be rocked to sleep in exactly the same way - even when they wake up at night. However, they should gradually learn: The bed is the place to sleep.

A lap around the block: Some parents, out of sheer desperation, pack their crying child in the stroller and go for a walk with him. Fresh air before bed certainly doesn't do any harm. Most babies promptly nod off to the gentle rocking in the stroller. But woe betide her parents trying to move her to bed at home! That gives a lot of shouting. There is no other way to end the special trick used by desperate parents to pack the child in the car and take a ride to calm down ...

No medication for a healthy baby

Much speaks against drugs that are unfortunately often prescribed to babies: Even if the drugs work, the quality of sleep deteriorates and the children's attention is impaired when they are awake. Medicines always have side effects, especially sleeping pills and psychotropic drugs are quickly addictive. Sleep pills only help you fall asleep. If the child wakes up at night, it demands the same sleep aids (carrying around, bottles ...) as usual. Responsible doctors only prescribe drugs for pathological sleep disorders.