What are animated videos and explanatory videos

The 22 best explanatory videos 2021 - let yourself be inspired!

Explanatory videos make complex products, services or other content clear and interesting. We show you the 22 best animated explanatory videos 2020, from which you can get inspiration for your project.

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Explanatory videos are indispensable communication tools. Not just because we humans often prefer moving images instead of textbut also because they convey information within a very short timethat would have taken a lot of words otherwise.

Explanatory videos are also not to be despised for another reason: our attention span has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds since the year 2000.

Attention span:

They have 8 seconds Time that Attention of your target audience to reach.

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Fortunately, you don't need much longer with explanatory videos, because here you convince right from the start with exciting storytelling, personable protagonists and gripping animations.

Here are the most important facts that speak in favor of using explanatory videos:

The following infographic from Mynd clearly summarizes the most important video facts:

Why a video? These facts speak for themselves (graphic by Mynd).

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But what exactly is an explanatory video?

A Explanatory video takes away the complexity of a topic and explains a situation in a few minutes with the help of storytelling, illustration, animation, typography, graphics and sound design.

What is an explanatory video?

Explanatory videos are short, crisp, usually digitally animated videos.

So it provides on the one hand for AHA effects and a optimal information transfer and on the other hand, it also delivers a certain something thanks to the visually appealing presentation Entertainment effectthat encourages action.

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There are many different types of explainer videos.

Depending on the different content that needs to be explained, the style of an explanatory video also varies, of course. Furthermore Of course, the video should also match the visual appearance and corporate identity of a company or organization. The aim here is to translate trends and techniques into video styles that represent a good fit for the company.
What are currently the most common types of explainer videos?

Laying trick.

With the laying technique - also called laying trick or sliding technique - cut-out paper drawings are filmed or digitally animated. Laying technique explanatory films are kept rather simple and rely on black and white illustrations with individual color accents.

Flat design.

The flat design style offers a variety of design leeway and movements. Here elements such as infographics or fonts can be animated as a whole or “in themselves”. This variant is especially suitable for those who are looking for stylish and modern explanatory videos.

Infographic style.

The infographic style is clean, minimalistic and modern. The scenes of the explanatory video are gradually built up using fine lines and supplemented by outline-based shapes. An expressive font completes the scene composition.

Line Art.

Line Art is an animation style with no comic character. The imagery of the impresses with its clarity and simplicity with artistic accents. Color worlds can be adapted to your individual CI on request.

Isometric style.

The isometric video style is characterized by three-dimensional, spatial image worlds that are created by adhering to the isometric perspective. In this way, a large image area is created, which makes it possible to depict several topics in parallel and to link them logically.

Individual 2D animation.

2D animations are particularly diverse and, thanks to individual style finding, are very popular. Everything is possible here, from relatively simple cartoons to detailed and professional animations, and there are no limits to your creativity.

Individual 3D animation.

3D animations are among the most complex, but also among the most appealing videos. Facts can be represented here in a particularly realistic way. Due to the high degree of creative freedom, the areas of application of a 3D animation are particularly diverse.

Learn from the best explainer videos.

Would you like to explain your product or service in a simple way?Then this article is fantastic for you, because we show you the best explanatory videos of 2020.

Let yourself be inspired by the different styles and designs and find out what goes down with the audience.


# 1 5 Tips On How To Sell More With Video.

This video creation spans a variety of styles and is an extremely fun way to explain how to sell more with video. From real footage to the classic lay-out trick to flat design, individual 2D video styles and unusual typographical elements, this video combines numerous styles and skilfully mixes them into a grandiose, creative overall production. In each scene, a tip is picked up with a different video style and a matching picture idea and story.

The extraordinary dynamics ensure that the viewer follows the video carefully over the entire duration and can record the messages in an easily understandable manner.

A variety of styles combined in an explanatory video: Video sales tips from Mynd.

  • Production company: Mynd.
  • Customer: In-house production.
  • Design: Mixture of styles.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Explain sales opportunities and potentials with video.

# 2 Truewoods.

The scene transitions are characteristic of this explanatory video. Graphic elements that play a special role in the following scene appear at the end of the previous scene and inspire the viewer so fluently from scene to scene. The color scheme of the video underlines the wildlife and outdoor orientation of the fashion label.

The relaxed narrative style and the humorous blunders give the video a charming character. The storytelling cleverly combines the appeal for sustainable action with the advertising, sales-promoting component of the video.

A tree is planted for every item sold: the concept of Truewoods Clothing.

A tree is planted for every item sold: the concept of Truewoods Clothing.

# 3 Your Brain is Tricking You.

This explanatory film explains five cognitive distortions that people are exposed to every day in the course of their decision-making. These scientific findings are explained to the viewer in a humorous and easily understandable way. The style of the video convinces with its retro touch in the flat design and shows a flexible color scheme.

"Your Brain is Trying to Trick You": Cognitive distortions presented simply.

  • Production company: Epipheo.
  • customer: In-house production.
  • Design: 2D animation.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Educate about cognitive biases.

# 4 rabbit mobile.

In the initial phase of the video, storytelling directly creates a smile in the viewer. The rabbit established at the beginning runs through the explanatory video as a loosening element and creates a strong distinguishing feature from the competition. At the same time, a kind of testimonial is created here, which ensures a recognition effect.

In this way, the multifaceted and sometimes complex challenges of digitization are presented as a positive opportunity for the future and the viewer is encouraged to take on this topic.

rabbit mobile: The agency for app development and digitization.

  • Production company: Mynd.
  • customer: rabbit mobile.
  • Design: 2D animation in individual style.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Showing the opportunities of digitization using software solutions.

# 5 Status Fuel.

The following explanatory video is accompanied by a narration that explains the process of on-demand fuel delivery. We also learn why we need this and how easy it is to use.

In addition, the video convinces with small sound designs. For example, a woman's happy smile, like the click on a button, is enhanced by a corresponding tone.

From downloading the app to delivery: A process is presented in a high-quality way.

  • Production company: Yum Yum Videos.
  • Customer: Status Fuel.
  • Design: 2D animation in flat design.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Map the process of the on-demand fuel supplier.

From check-in to landing: a process presented with high quality visuals.

  • Production company: BluBlu Studios / Explanimate!
  • customer: Aerocare.
  • Design: 2D full animation.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Map the process of Aerocare's aviation service.

# 6 City of Dallas.

A friendly atmosphere guides the viewer through the video and the encouraging narrative style encourages them to participate in community projects that benefit the city of Dallas. The slightly abstract and varied character design means that a large number of people feel addressed. Since the target audience for the video are the citizens of the city of Dallas, this approach hits a crucial point. The ideal-typical representation of communal togetherness hits a nerve in the viewer and encourages active participation in neighborhood projects.

"City of Dallas": A joint project of the city.

  • Production company: Epipheo.
  • Customer: City of Dallas.
  • Design: Animation.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Introduce and promote community projects in the City of Dallas.

# 7 time matters GmbH.

The dynamic and fast background music puts the viewer in the position of the protagonist of the explanatory video. Within a minute, interested parties will receive an offer to transport their goods via a courier.

The duration of the preparation of the offer is identical to the length of the film, which underlines the speed of the service and the speed of the service. The protagonist also gets his urgent concern resolved within the short video runtime, which underlines the express character of the service presented in the video.

Airmates: Transporting urgent and sensitive consignments worldwide.

  • Production company: Mynd.
  • customer: time: matters GmbH.
  • Design: 2D full animation in an individual style.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Introduce the courier service "airmates".

# 8 What is Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning)?

The calm narration and the melodic sound design enable the viewer to absorb and understand the complex facts in a short time. The play with colors and proportions gives the video a special character.

Creating understanding and clarity on a promising topic: What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • Production company: HubSpot.
  • Customer: In-house production.
  • Design: individual 2D animation.
  • Goal of the explanatory video: Abstract facts of the A.I. Explain clearly and create reach for your own brand.

# 9 Thorlux Lighting.

The different design styles in the following explanatory video are interesting.

Here you can see a mix of 2D animations in flat design with people, building plans and finally the presentation of the software. The focus is on the lighting, which is why it was animated by conspicuous, flashing circles.

The video finally ends with the lights switched off.

Here you can find out how you can facilitate the automatic light checks for emergency lighting in companies.

  • Production company: Wyzowl.
  • Client: Thorlux Lighting.
  • Design: 2D animation.
  • Aim of the explanatory video: To show the importance of regular light checks and an automatic tool like SmartScan.

# 10 The Story of Gin.

This video playfully tells the historical origins of gin. The viewer is guided through color-changing scenarios, with graphic elements always being part of the scene transitions.

In this way, the viewer experiences the history of gin in a visually artistic way. The light distribution from light to dark creates a high-contrast atmosphere. The style is abstract and lives from its text.

The history of the popular drink "Gin": illustrated in a video without a narration.

  • Production company: Ben & Anvil.
  • customer: -
  • Design: 2D animation.
  • Goal of the video: Telling the story of gin.

# 11 Planet under pressure.

This animated film draws attention to the dramatic effects of climate change. The video contains abstract, colored impacts and is interesting because of its texture. The mixed media of flat characters and artistic backgrounds polarizes and makes the video exciting.

Sensitize with emotionality: The explanatory video "Planet under Pressure"

  • Production company: Moth, Marcus Armitage, Joe Bichard.
  • customer: Global Canopy Programs.
  • Design: 2D animation.
  • Goal of the video: Raising awareness of environmental issues, critical reflection on climate change.

# 12 Carl Stahl.

The main character of the explanatory video leads the viewer through an ordering process as a figure in front of the screen of the online shop. Thanks to his gestures and facial expressions, the viewer can follow the order process much more easily and at the same time get to know the advantages of the online shop better.

The interaction between the displayed website and other elements such as the shopping cart and the protagonist is emblematic of the playful approach of the explanatory video. The presentation and functionality of the website, as well as the actual process of the service, come into their own in a sufficient and understandable manner.

Lifting technology from Carl Stahl: now also available in our own online shop.

  • Production company: Mynd.
  • Customer: Carl Stahl.
  • Design: 2D animation in an individual style.
  • Goal of the video: Introduce the Carl Stahl Online Shop.

# 13 WITH Lemelson.

This explanatory film is characterized by its kinetic typography. The merging of typographical elements is characteristic of the scene transitions in the film. Another central component is the role of the shapes and surfaces, which contribute to the structure of the scenes through their movements and transformations.

Lively sound design paired with animated typography: Lemelson-MIT's explanatory video.

  • Production company: Epipheo.
  • customer: Lemelson-MIT.
  • Design: Kinetic Typography.
  • Goal of the video: Encouraging young entrepreneurs to register for the MIT student award.

# 14 Economic Inequality is a Reality. Mega Cities Maybe Our Answer. Find Out Why.

This explanatory video is characterized by the interaction between the speaker and the originally recorded sequences of a telephone interview. Special weight is given to the content of the narrator's text, since the telephone clips are associated with an expert opinion, as viewers know from TV or radio reports. The style of the explanatory video shows a mixture of linear infographics and flat design elements. At the same time, interesting color gradients and the play with light and reflections ensure a characteristic overall appearance of the explanatory video.

Are mega cities the answer to economic inequality? This video explains how to do this.

  • Production company: Epipheo.
  • customer: -
  • Design: 2D animation.
  • Goal of the video: Discuss the impact of mega cities on economic inequality.

# 15 Bayer CLS system.

The exaggerated proportions ensure a modern and unusual character design. In the flat style, the explanatory video is convincing across the board and is implemented in a perfectly understandable way thanks to its clear picture ideas.

The Bayer CLS system: presented in a flat design explanatory video.

  • Production company: Studio Pigeon.
  • customer: Bayer.
  • Design: 2D animation - flat design.
  • Goal of the video: Introduce the Bayer CLS system.

# 16 Best Loan Officer in Saint George.

Minimalistic-looking drawings are colored like a line and have a cartoon character through sound effects and the way of storytelling. This explanatory video shows that the desired effect of the video can be achieved even if the focus is on simplicity. The interaction between a character in the video and the speaker makes the viewer smile and leaves a pleasant overall impression. The pencil optics are also differentiated from established video styles and thus remain in the memory.

The St. George Bank loan process explained clearly and loosely: In a 2D animation.

  • Production company: Ydraw.
  • customer: St. George Bank.
  • Design: 2D animation.
  • Goal of the video: Explain the Saint George Bank lending process.

# 17 Sensei - the future of retail.

The following video could be classified as an explanatory video as well as a promo video. But we definitely don't want to withhold the latest trend of 3D videos from you.

So now you are watching a short 20 second video about a washable ear swab!

Thanks to the 3D animation, the product looks easy to use, hygienic and even looks fun to use. In comparison, a real animation would make less sense here, as this can quickly make the ear swab look unclean. A 2D animation is also not suitable, as we want to be particularly close to the detailed product. So perfectly solved with a 3D animation.

The future of ear swabs: The washable stick from LastSwab.

  • Production company: Wow-How Studio.
  • Customer: LastSwab.
  • Design: 3D animation.
  • Goal of the video: Introduce a simple product of an innovative future.

# 18 what is blockchain?

This explanatory video convinces with a successful combination of appealing narratives and exciting animations. This makes it possible to present a complex issue in an interesting way and thus arouse the curiosity of the viewer. The partly abstract representation as well as the play with light conditions underlines the explosiveness of the topic and thus contributes to the successful implementation of the content.

How does the blockchain work? This 2.5D animation explains it to the viewer.

  • Production company: Mynd.
  • customer: Simon Denny.
  • Design: 2.5D animation.
  • Goal of the video: Explain complex facts clearly.

# 19 What is Airbnb?

Airbnb uses a successful combination of live action and animation to showcase the unique and affordable experiences that can be had with Airbnb. This explanatory video shows the advantages of using the platform in an interesting and clear way. The tracking shot that runs through the video represents the central theme of the film. The viewer is put into the driver's perspective and discovers the world with playful ease, in keeping with the overall concept of Airbnb.

With a continuous tracking shot through the video: In the animation & real film mix from Airbnb.

  • Production company: Unknown.
  • customer: Airbnb.
  • Design: Animation & real film.
  • Goal of the video: User engagement.

# 20 Pulse Electronics.

The isometric perspective, which is mostly used, is characteristic of this explanatory video. The functionality of the service is in the foreground when designing the video. Different product components are shown in great detail and their advantages are clearly shown. This guarantees a perfect understanding. The isometry used on a white background sharpens the focus on the essentials.

Explanatory video for Pulse Electronics: Detailed representation through isometric perspective.

  • Production company: Yum Yum Videos.
  • customer: Pulse Electronics.
  • Design: individual animation.
  • Goal of the video: Presentation of the variety of products and services from Pulse Electronics.

# 21 How do short attacks work?

The black and white laying trick is one of the classics of explanatory videos. Graphics appear little by little, forming the different scenarios. The blue accent color draws the eye to elementary components of the video, making the message easier to understand. The short attacks video impresses with extremely creative picture ideas, which means that a complex, financial topic is easily understandable for everyone.

Easily depict complex topics: With the Mynd layout trick.

  • Production company: Mynd.
  • customer: Manager magazine.
  • Design: Laying trick with accent color.
  • Goal of the video: Simply explain a complex topic.

# 22 Metro, hygiene training.

In flat design, Metro uses extremely creative storytelling to explain the topic of hygiene and thus manages to present an actually dry topic in a vivid and entertaining way. By playing with extremes, the speaker provides many small highlights that make this explanatory video very special. The clever use of typography closes the video with a convincing call to action.

The topic of hygiene presented in an entertaining way: in a Mynd explanatory video.

  • Production company: Mynd.
  • customer: Metro.
  • Design: 2D animation in flat design.
  • Goal of the video: Present the mobile hygiene training from Metro.

Through inspiration for your own project.

In order to be as prepared as possible for your own video creation, careful planning of the explanatory video production and a comparison of the various professional explanatory film providers helps.

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