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The song is called "Big In Japan", so "successful in Japan", but it has very little to do with the land of the rising sun. Alphaville singer Marian Gold explains the meaning of the title as a slogan from English. "If you are nothing at home as a musician, you can say: But in Japan people flock to my concerts." And that fits in well with the context of the song, says Gold. "Big In Japan" is about a couple who are addicted to heroin and want to get off the drug. "The couple imagines what life would be like without drugs, but the two of them just can't do it," says Gold. "Big In Japan" is set in the drug milieu of Berlin. It's about the junkie scene at the Zoologischer Garten train station, which gained notoriety at the end of the 1970s with the book and film "Christiane F. - We Children from Zoo Station".

From the drawer to a world hit

Marian Gold was just in his late twenties at the time and wrote the song very naively, with no great ambitions. "We were obsessive fans of music, we had huge record collections and idols," recalls Gold. And then suddenly it was possible to write pieces yourself with the help of machines. "Big In Japan" was Gold's second title. At that time he had no better idea of ​​music and could neither play the piano nor the keyboard, he says. "Big In Japan" remained in the drawer for a few years. It was only brought out again in 1983 after Marian Gold founded the band Alphaville with his friends from Münster, Bernhard Lloyd and Frank Mertens, and suddenly had a record deal in their pocket. At first, Gold didn't want to put the title on the album because it was so old. Fortunately, the singer didn't have the last word on this matter. Because that's how "Big In Japan" became a world hit.

The story was a hit

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