What makes Facebook and Twitter addicting

Internet Addiction: Like Cocaine: How Facebook Is Addicting

The addiction to Facebook and other social networks can be compared to drugs. Scientists at California State University have now even found that the social network Facebook can have effects on the brain similar to those of cocaine addiction. The brain activities of people with a tech-related addiction are similar to those of people with a drug or gambling addiction, the researchers said.

Like cocaine: Facebook addiction similar to drug addiction

The British Newspaper The Independet reports that the study consisted of two parts, each with 20 students participating. First, students should fill out a questionnaire. He discussed symptoms of addiction such as anxiety, withdrawal symptoms and conflict situations associated with Facebook. The questions were, for example:

"Do you get restless if you can't use Facebook?" or "Do you use Facebook to distract yourself from personal problems?" In the second part of the study, the subjects were shown pictures. The scientists measured the brain activities of the study participants. It turned out that those subjects who had already shown dependent behavior in the questionnaire reacted more clearly to images that were related to Facebook in the picture test.

Study: How Facebook is addicting

Looking more closely, the result was the following: Images related to Facebook activated two regions in the brain that are responsible for obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other things. These also work in tests on drug addicts or gambling addicts. The researchers draw their conclusions: the brain reacts to Facebook addiction in a similar way to cocaine addiction. However: The study is not representative due to the small number of participants.

71 percent of all internet users have a Facebook account. 70 percent of them visit the social network pages at least once a day. cch