What is puplic health

"Public Health" (translated: "Public Health") pursues the goal of creating and ensuring conditions under which people can live healthily. The term “public health” is understood to mean both an interdisciplinary science and the practice of disease prevention and the promotion of physical and mental health. The focus is on interdisciplinary research into the question of the best health care for a population. This is based on population-based analyzes of the requirements for health promotion and restoring health. The research-based development of reform processes in the supply systems also plays an important role. Key disciplines are the descriptive such as clinical epidemiology, medicine, economics, psychology, sociology and political science. Public health research encompasses larger areas than clinical research. It focuses equally on the environment, ways of life, human biology and health care systems.

Numerous institutions, organizations and specialist societies from teaching, research and practice in the field of public health / health sciences have come together to form the German Society for Public Health e.V., which was founded in 1997. The university education in public health includes bachelor's and master's degrees as well as the possibility of a doctorate.

German Society for Public Health