Why do you like wireless charging

Nokia announces new plate for wireless charging and mobile battery

Since Nokia first introduced wireless charging into the Windows Phone world with the Lumia 920, there has never been a device with this integrated functionality again. Instead, devices like the Lumia 1020, 925, 928, 820 and 720 had to purchase an optional cover in order to retrofit this feature.
Many have interpreted this as the slow death of wireless charging (in Nokia devices) before the technology really took hold.

Nokia DT-601

Today Nokia introduced a new plate for wireless charging, which further promotes the support of the Qi standard.
At first glance, the DT-601 is reminiscent of the Qimini from Tektos or LG's WCP-300, which we have already briefly introduced here. The round plate should convince primarily with its low weight, small dimensions and a good price. The latter in particular was a reason for many customers not to use the function.
The following is the most important information about the DT-601:

  • Dimensions: 65 mm ⌀, 9 mm high
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Polycarbonate with a soft coating
  • Colors: yellow, cyan, red, black, white
  • Price: 29 €
  • LED (indicates whether the device is charging)
  • 1.5 m long USB-A cable

Of course, the DT-601 is Qi-compatible, so that not only Nokia smartphones can be charged with it. The USB cable can be plugged into all USB ports, so that wireless charging can also be started via a laptop and not just via sockets. A suitable plug does not seem to be included in the scope, however. The tangled cables can be prevented with a practical strap that is included in the scope of delivery.

Nokia plans to launch the plate in the Asia-Pacific region later this month. It will be released in Europe and America in the following months - more detailed information is not yet available. But if the DT-601 really only costs 29 € and appears shortly, we can well imagine that many people will try wireless charging.
You can find more pictures and information about the DT-601 on Nokia's product page.

Nokia DC-19

But Nokia not only offers plates for wireless charging, but also mobile batteries. Today the DC-19 was announced, which appears to be a slightly larger version of the already available DC-16. With a length of 99.5 mm, a circumference of 25.4 mm and a weight of 78 grams, it offers a full 3,200 mAh (DC-16: 2,200 mAh). Of course, there is also a battery level indicator, which is implemented via four LEDs.
If the battery is fully charged in standby mode, it will only discharge after more than six months.

Of course, the mobile battery is compatible with all smartphones that have a micro-USB port. The DC-19 is due to be released this month and will cost € 29, although it remains to be seen whether both statements will also apply to Germany. In addition to the battery, the scope of delivery also includes a USB-Micro-USB cable that is the same color as the battery (cyan, white, yellow).
You can find more pictures and information about the DC-19 on Nokia's product page.

Source: Nokia Conversations