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Corona disaster in India - donate now

New corona wave in India: families urgently need help

A new wave of corona has hit India and dramatically worsened the situation in the country. Hundreds of thousands of new infections are reported every day.The corona virus is spreading rapidly, including in neighboring countries such as Nepal.

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Many hospitals are now overloaded, many infected people have to be turned away. There is a lack of medical oxygen in the hospital wards because so many people have to be artificially ventilated. Families who care for their loved ones at home are desperate to find oxygen. Thousands of sick people struggle to survive every day.

In the west of India, cyclone "Tauktae" and its consequences are currently making the fight against Corona more difficult. Many people had to leave the region and Covid 19 patients had to be transferred from the hospitals. The corona vaccination campaign was interrupted.

The families in India urgently need help now - it is a race against time. We at UNICEF help on site and support hospitals and health workers.

With the help of your donation for Corona aid in India, we will provide urgently needed relief supplies, such as:

  • additional generators, so more oxygen can be produced
  • large quantities Corona teststo identify new infections
  • Medication for the treatment of people suffering from Covid-19

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UNICEF is now on duty to procure urgently needed equipment. Help us! We have to act immediately.

Get an idea of ​​the crisis in India for yourself. In our video, Yasmin Haque, Head of UNICEF India, reports on the dramatic situation on site.

Corona crisis in India: children's health care at risk

UNICEF is now providing emergency aid. Our helpers are on duty all over India to strengthen the health system and to support families in this serious crisis. This is also important because the pandemic has direct consequences for children.

Girls and boys go through a tragedy. Many children lose parents or loved ones who have contracted the virus. UNICEF observes that illegal adoption offers are spreading more and more on social media. "This increases the risk of human trafficking and violence," says Yasmin Haque, head of UNICEF India.

The overburdening of hospitals and health stations also severely affects the supply of girls and boys. UNICEF fears that there will be numerous deaths among children under the age of five because basic medical care is no longer adequately guaranteed.

In addition, the nutrition of girls and boys threatens to be further restricted by the consequences of the corona crisis. Half of the children under the age of five are already malnourished.

UNICEF is now doing everything in its power to ensure that children continue to have access to medical care, social support and education.

The health system in India has come under great pressure from the new corona wave. This also affects the care of children.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, together with our partner organizations, we have been providing health workers with important protective equipment and also helping with the distribution of corona vaccines. We use awareness-raising campaigns to inform the population about the risk of the coronavirus. Millions of children and their families were also provided with hygiene items such as soap.

We cannot leave the families in India alone now. Thanks for your support.

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UNICEF does everything in its power to continue to provide for children and their families. Please help me with your donation. Every contribution makes a difference.