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The 1x1: The Choice (Part I)


1 Living the Law of One The 1x1: The election (Part I) by Carla Lisbeth Rückert Translation: Jochen Blumenthal

2 Living the Law of One, The 1x1: The Choice (Part I) PDF version ISBN The Law of One Publishing House (Germany) in cooperation with L / L Research (Louisville, Kentucky) Original English title: Living the Law of One, 101: The Choice (Carla L. Rueckert, 2009 L / L Research, excerpt) German translation: Jochen Blumenthal Cover illustration: Michaele Matossian, photography: Craig Paul

3 Contents About the Author ... 5 Preface: A Brief Summary of the History of L / L Research ... 7 Introduction: The Alliance of Planets in Service of the Infinite Creator ... 16 The Alliance and Religion ... 16 The Alliance and worship ... 18 The Alliance and New Age ... 20 The Alliance and the Harvest ... 22 Chapter 1 The First Three Distortions of the Law of One ... 25 The GAME BOARD of Unity ... 25 The Game Board - the Scientific Version ... 28 Free Will ... 34 Love on the Game Board ... 38 Light ... 40 Illusion on the Game Board ... 41 Catalyst on the Game Board ... 45 Chapter 2 Polarity and Choice ... 51 Polarity on the Game Board ... 51 The Service-to-Others Path of Polarity ... 56 The Service-to-Self Path of Polarity ... 64 The Choice ... 75 Examples of Positive Polarity ... 77 Jesus Christ ... 77 Peace Pilgrim Pilgrim of Peace ... 81 Martin Luther King ... 83 Examples of Negative Polarity ... 86 Genghis Khan ... 86 Idi Amin Dada Oumee

4 CONTENTS Adolf Hitler ... 92 Chapter 3 The Energy Body ... 98 Mind and Consciousness ... 98 Mind, Consciousness and Perception Power to the People: Using Fuel for the Energy Body Mind and Consciousness Together Further information

5 About the Author Carla L. Rückert was born on July 16, 1943 in Lake Forest, Illinois. She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and received her bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Louisville in 1966. This was followed by a master's degree in library science from Spalding College. Carla worked as a librarian for a thirteen-year school until she was hired by Don Elkins to do paranormal research. Formally they founded L / L Research Carla served as the vowel channel from 1974 to 2011, and was the instrument for The Law of One - 5

6 ABOUT THE AUTHOR series. Throughout her life, Carla authored and channeled thirteen published books, channeled a variety of transcripts, maintained volumes of written and spoken correspondence with spiritual seekers, wrote poetry, danced, gardened, and sang with a heart full of appreciation and gratitude, both in the small moments in the Life at home as well as in the church choir, her whole life. Carla loved Jesus, loved serving, loved searching, and loved life herself. She married her soul mate Jim McCarty in 1987, and passed away at home during Holy Week on April 1st. Carla's life's work lives on through her nonprofit L / L Research. All of their works are available for free on. 6th

7 Preface: A Brief Summary of the History of L / L Research For more than 25 years I have been looking for UFO knowledge. I have tried to maintain a completely impartial approach to the investigation and not to regard any piece of evidence as too little or too ridiculous to look at. The theory that gradually grew out of this approach may seem a little wild or absurd, but it handles a lot of wild and absurd data. The one thing that makes this theory stand out is that almost all of the reports that come in day in and day out seem to fit into it very well. One thing to remember: Almost anything that we now perceive as normal in our technology today would have been considered a wild and absurd impossibility almost 100 years ago. We do not know how many millennia the UFOs may be ahead of our current understanding. 1 The 1x1 of the Law of One: The Choice is my report to you on the research that has been carried out at L / L Research over the past 50 years. It started with Don Elkin's studies in the mid-1950s. Elkins was a thorough scientist, born in 1930, and for many years a professor at the Speed ​​Scientific School at Louisville University. He taught, flew charter flights as a pilot for local air services, and occasionally spent time reading deeply into metaphysics and new science, as well as the fringes of the paranormal and UFOs. Elkins began his research by exploring an area that had fascinated him for several years: reincarnation. His studies had informed him that the Eastern world, including Buddhists and Hindus, felt that souls repeatedly entered incarnations over a long period of thousands of years, with experiences and the fruits of their learning and labor in the ever-growing personalities of themselves 1 Donald T. Elkins, written down in an unpublished, unfinished manuscript in 1976. 7th

8 FOREWORD gathered infinite and eternal souls. He was also aware that the Jewish culture of which Jesus Christ was a part believed that being born again was a fact of life. In fact, for their own reasons, the early Church Fathers tried to carefully remove any mention of reincarnation from the Bible. However, some traces remained. An example of this occurs in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, where some guessed who Jesus was. Some said He was John the Baptist and others said He was Elijah, risen from the dead. Elkins decided to investigate the hypothesis that reincarnation is the way things work by performing regressions under hypnosis with selected individuals. He induced a hypnotic trance state in over 200 people of all ages and living conditions and asked them questions about their experience before they came into this life through birth. His subjects followed suit with a colorful array of previous lives of all kinds. Very few were of high standard. For the most part, the subjects reported living as normal people and hard-working souls. Their lives may have been in every century of recorded history, but the details of their lives were, for the most part, familiar and normal. The themes of home, family, search and service kept coming up, regardless of the time or even the planet of origin. The exceptions were interesting! In one notable session, the subject reported that he was a human-sized white bird. It turned out that he was re-experiencing a life in Atlantis, a continent that Plato long ago described as sunk under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Other studies that we have followed suggest that the Atlantians, who worked with crystal technology, created many combined forms, such as human and bird, human and lion, and so on. Forms such as the huge statue of the Sphinx in Egypt or many other supposedly mythological animals arise from this time of prehistory. After finding to his satisfaction that the theory of rebirth was valid, Elkins turned to something that was still a broad and new field of research in the mid-1950s: UFO contacts. In his free time he either telephoned, wrote down or 8

9 FOREWORD got on his little plane and flew to Kenneth Arnold, George Adamski, George Hunt Williamson, Gray Barker, Dan Fry and Orfeo Angelucci, to name just a few of the many UFO contacts he spoke to during this time. The UFO witnesses all told Elkins their story of how they were contacted by aliens. The ships the Witnesses saw differed in appearance, and so did the aliens, but their narratives had areas of commonality. One contact at a time contributed to a growing image of the earth as a planet rapidly moving toward a time of great transition and consciousness shift associated with the arrival of a new heaven and earth. You spoke of a choice associated with this change. One Pennsylvania contact put it very, very simply by quoting a being he had seen in his contact: If humanity doesn't wake up and choose to live differently, the end is near. Nowadays one cannot get a straightforward statement about UFOs and UFO contacts from official sources. The governments across the globe have put a ridiculous lid on UFO information, as the well-known ufologist J. Allen Hynek put it. In the absence of full disclosure, a complex and intricate subculture of conspiracy fans has emerged, and the information coming from mainstream conspiracy sources tells a dark, menacing, and fear-based UFO story. Indeed, there are as many good as bad among our cosmic visitors. Meanwhile, the aliens we see in the media are sitcom fictions like ALF or Mork, good and bad characters in science fiction and fantasy dramas like the Asgard and Goa uld in Stargate or little green men in commercials selling products to the masses. We are now well conditioned to think of aliens as harmless cartoon characters. The facts about UFOs are out there in the sense that there is enough evidence for legitimate research. For example, Hynek's UFOCat, a database of physical landing tracks compiled at Northwestern University, contains hundreds of cases of tracked landings. These data are sufficient 9

10 FOREWORD that researchers measure three-legged or other land tracks in a field that was allegedly visited by a UFO and, before speaking to the witness, know how the witness will describe the appearance of the UFO. Predictability is a convincing indicator of the reality of ships, which we do not recognize as earthly ships, and which land on our planet and make dents in the ground. Somebody is visiting us. Something is going on here. In case you would like to read Don Elkins and my summary of this phase of our research, it is reproduced in Secrets of the UFO 2, published in 1976. It is available in their bookstore or through the webshop on our website. Elkins went on to read and meet people. He met Hal Price, chief inspector for the Ford Motor Company factory here in Louisville. Price had moved to Louisville from Detroit, Michigan. In Detroit, Price was a member of a metaphysical group officially known as Man, Consciousness, and Knowledge, unofficially as The Detroit Group. Its leader, Walt Rogers, had experienced a close encounter with a UFO and after this experience began to receive telepathically spiritually oriented information, which he carefully recorded. He collected the handwritten information in a brown notebook. Price had a copy of this material that he let Elkins look at. Reading this material, Elkins found instructions for generating the same type of contact information that Rogers received in Michigan. Don decided to set up an experiment and use students from his physics class to do it. He got twelve young men to sit in silent meditation once a week. The instructions in the brown notebook were that a group should sit together in meditation as often as possible and that everyone should speak the thoughts that came to their minds. However, Elkins only told participants that it was supposed to be a silent meditation group and that it was an experiment. I heard that this silent meditation group was formed because one of the invited participants, one of my friends at the university, 2 secrets of the UFOs (not yet published in German) 10

11 FOREWORD Louisville was where I was studying liberal arts when I was 19. I expressed an interest in joining the group and my friend took me to meet Elkins, who agreed to join. We started dating in January 1962. The group consisted of Elkins, Hal Price, his wife, Jo, the twelve young men, and me. Most of the engineering students in Elkin's physics class began producing material. It was very similar in content and tone to the metaphysical material produced in the Detroit group. The problem, however, was that the events fell in such a way that the experiment was scientifically invalidated. Rogers himself visited the group after six months of our meetings and channeled that the extraterrestrial source trying to get through to the Louisville group participants felt that their cosmic thoughts were heard by the group. They wondered why no material was produced by the meditators. This channeling from Rogers disrupted the experiment, even if it nudged the young Louisville group into their next phase. After that, the group began producing spontaneous material in a meditative state, also known now as channeling. The data was no longer scientifically acceptable, but Professor Elkins felt that the material that had been collected was interesting enough that it would be worthwhile to go ahead with the experiment and produce as much material as possible for as long as possible. This facet of Elkins research is carried on to this day at L / L Research, the publisher that Don Elkins and I founded in 1970 when we formalized our joint research in this area. We hold public channeling meetings here in the Louisville room twice a month, September through May, on the second and fourth Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. These channeling sessions are broadcast weekly on. We invite the public to join us on the radio or here in Kentucky. We are still collecting this data! We also offer two public, silent meditation sessions per month, on the first and third Saturday at the same time, 8:00 p.m. I didn't learn to channel in the 1960s as I really enjoy silence and preferred to use the cosmic sermonets 11

However, at a time when my first marriage was breaking up and I had started working full-time for Elkins as a librarian and scholar, the last good channel from the original Louisville group left the City and Elkins asked me to learn how to channel. I did so at his request. I was producing material in a short span of a few weeks. I became interested in improving my channeling and went on a long study, from the inside out you could say, of what makes a good session. Little by little, the material our group produced took on a character and strength that made Elkins and I become more and more interested in the material. I also wrote about this phase of our research in a report titled A Channeling Handbook, edited by L / L Research and available in print or free on ours, Elkins and I invited Jim McCarty, born in 1947, to the Graduations in Education and Sociology, was a long-time participant in our meditations, and a person who was extremely well placed to work with us to join our research group. He accepted and L / L Research went from being a partnership to a not-for-profit foundation using McCarty's not-for-profit, Rock Creek R and D Labs, Inc., as our combined organizational facility. We kept the name L / L Research as the publisher's name because Elkins and I wrote and published under that name prior to 1980 and readers were already familiar with it. Just three weeks after McCarty came to us, I went into a trance during an intense or advanced class session after accepting contact with a being who called itself the Ra group. Whereas all previous material was consciously produced, and all subsequent material is also consciously produced, when there was a channel for the Ra group, I went into a sleep-like or trance state at the beginning of each session and the material became without my active consciousness produced. This Ra material has a profound clarity and internal consistency. It presents an amazing picture of the universe and the place of humanity in it, a picture on which this report is based. 12th

13 FOREWORD In the science fiction television series Stargate as well as in Egyptian myth, Ra is known as the falcon-headed sun god. The Ra group is keen to eradicate any idea of ​​a connection between the myth and their group. They describe themselves as humble messengers of the Law of One coming from other than earth.In the story they tell, they had found someone in a pharaoh known as Akhenaten who was compatible with their teachings, which are philosophical rather than religious. As you can see from the Law of One, their philosophy is that all things are one. The universe and all things in it are a system. There is a Creator and a unified creation. Akhenaten's teaching that there was only one God was revolutionary. Millennia before the time of Christ and Mohammed, the Egyptians and most of the rest of the world believed in a pantheon of many gods, each with their own domain. Nonetheless, Akhenaten, who enjoyed supreme authority as a pharaoh, was successful in converting many to monotheism throughout his life. His body hadn't even been mummified before the priestly caste began to revert to traditional Egyptian beliefs in many gods. According to the Ra group, she also appeared physically to the Egyptians and assisted in the construction of the Great Pyramid. They report that they built one of the seven wonders of the ancient world by thought, but made it look like it was made by human hands. They wanted to create a place of initiation and healing. The powers of the pyramid were meant to be used by everyone who came to it, regardless of their status in life. After Akhenaten died, the rich and powerful among his successors limited the use of the pyramid to the elite classes of royalty, courtiers and priests. This was far from what the Ra group intended. After realizing that their intervention had resulted in unintended consequences, they physically withdrew from Earth and began looking for other ways to help us. Why does the Ra group want to help planet earth? Even in 1350 BC, over 3300 years ago during Egypt's 18th Dynasty, the Ra group, as part of what they called the Covenant of Planets 13

14 FOREWORD in the service of the Infinite Creator 3, see that we were almost at the end of our year cycle of incarnations. They could see that in all these, more than years, we hadn't really been able to begin loving each other. They knew, even if humanity didn't, that the earth was almost ready to be harvested. The time was running out. When the Ra group was able to contact our research group in 1981, they were grateful for the opportunity to share their story and thoughts. Don, Jim and I put all our effort into working with this contact, which we recognized at that time to be exceptional. This Ra contact ended in 1984 when Don Elkins died. McCarty and I continued to hold meetings and conventions, offer channeling and classroom opportunities, and continue our eccentric research. We followed it up because we found this research to be compelling and helpful. We put them together in Books I through V of The Law of One, sometimes called The Ra Material. In addition to these very special trance sessions, we have compiled and archived our conscious group channelings over the years to this day. This inventory of material available on our website has made my life better. Studying it, thinking about it, and trying to live its principles has now absorbed my interest for over four decades. The Ra material offers solutions to many of the puzzles of the universe. It puts the life of this present life in a larger and more compelling context. It offers a picture of the universe and our place in it that is exciting, invigorating, and full of powerful potential. And it does all of this without asking me to give up my mystical Christian beliefs, or asking anyone else to let go of his or her belief system, or the absence of one. Rather than debunking religious beliefs, the Ra group and other groups within this alliance put them in a larger context and treat them with great respect. It's more like a lifetime thinking that you're in the only shop in town and then a You Are Here card 3 In the original: The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator 14

15 FOREWORD that shows you that this store is one of many in a very large mall. It's liberating and refreshing to start realizing this bigger picture and bringing the parts of it together. At any time, please feel free to stop reading this book and instead move on to the original material that summarizes this book. The material in The Law of One Sessions and the Archives of our Conscious Channeling Sessions is available free of charge on our website. Because the source material is so difficult to read, many people have asked me to write a book that explains it more directly. These records are my attempt to fill the gap. I hope you enjoy reading it and your trip! Carla Lisbeth Rückert Louisville, Kentucky November 1st

16 Introduction: The Alliance of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator The Alliance and Religion The words mythology and religion should be much more interchangeable than they are. The difficulty is that in myth there is no distinction between one myth and another, whereas in religion those of a religion with hostility take up positions of attack against those religions that contradict it in any way. Therefore, we prefer to speak of all paths of spirituality as personal myths, including the classical paths such as the path of mystical Christianity, the path of letter Christianity, the path of mystical Buddhism, the path of letter Buddhism and so on. Realizes that the essence of myth is to move the searching being, through his own belief and desire to know the truth, over a kind of rainbow bridge, a magical bridge of the covenant that connects time and eternity; that which is known and that which is a mystery. Those who dwell in what is known have a lifelessness within them, even when they are alive and their hearts are beating. Those who dwell in eternity from time to time have a liveliness that only crossing this bridge into infinity can provide. 4 This report is about the Covenant's view of the world that I have found helpful in understanding who I am and why I am on earth today. I introduced you to the Alliance in the preface when I introduced you to Don Elkins and the development of our research. This group of extraterrestrial sources through various other groups 4 The Q uo group, channeled by L / L Research on April 30th

17 INTRODUCTION spoken in the same way as spoken by our own. However, the material will always be altered by the channel through which it comes and we will only use quotes from our own channelings. This is due to the fact that we can guarantee in our own sessions that the utmost care has been taken to collect solid material. The challenge in sharing this view with other people is that the view of the world presented by the Alliance in general deals with material that is commonly viewed as religious and New Age. However, the Alliance handles this material differently than religions and New Age writers usually do. The covenant sources, like major Western religions, suggest that there is an infinite Creator and that we are all His beloved children. However, these religions state that a person only lives for one life. The covenant claims that we reincarnate many times, over thousands of years, and build our knowledge and talents in our soul stream, which is eternal. While Western religions assume that all of the drama of our soul is performed in this one life, and that the school of life curriculum is entirely contained in this one little incarnation, the Alliance suggests that we should be in third grade with a seven-grade School of cosmic learning and service are moving towards a perfection called an Octave of Creation, where the whole process begins anew from the harvest of the previous one, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. In this covenant concept, each octave contains seven densities or schools for learning and development. We will discuss the density levels in detail later in this book. It takes millions of years to graduate from this school. The current class, which the Alliance calls election or third density, goes on for about years. We are in the last decade of this long phase, which is rapidly moving towards a 2012 planet-wide harvest. It should be emphasized that this is not a doomsday date. It is the date when the fourth density, the density of love, begins. Whether 2012 includes the literal end of life as we know it on planet earth is, of course, not known to me. The 17th

18 INTRODUCTION However, Covenant indicates that there is ample time to end our natural lives here on earth. The time that is short and fast is the time to make choices for ourselves. We only have the years between now and 2012 in which to make that choice. The alliance and worship of spirituality can be seen as what remains after religion has been rejected. We would only suggest in this way that it is helpful to look at the structures of external pathways for what they are: buildings for the seeking soul, places to sit, and, in a certain way, to a certain pattern of concepts watch. Any myth that is constructed in such a way that you begin to see a way to live a life of faith is a good match for you. And if you do not find such a counterpart, then you have to turn inward and leave the outer world behind, because on this level you will not find any resonance. The peace and power of the devotional or spiritual path does not lie in how happy it makes you, even if it often makes you happy. Instead, they lie in the satisfaction of an inner devotion, a devotion to the Creator within. 5 The covenant does not suggest that if you are already a believing person, you must give up your current beliefs and embrace their worldview. Instead, it suggests that all religious practice is a very personal, intimate choice for each of us. You will find no problem in our having personal beliefs. Our belief systems, whatever they are, are acceptable to the covenant and are entirely our own personal concern. Your worldview is more philosophical than religious. For example, when I acted as a conduit for the Ra group in The Law of One sessions in the early eighties, the Ra group went to special lengths to make room for my Christian belief system. They had our research group set up an altar with a copy of the Scriptures on it, 5 The Q uo group, channeled by L / L Research on January 6th

19 INTRODUCTION opened to the Gospel of John, chapter 1, verse, which they noted as the passage most closely in harmony with their philosophy. They suggested that we light a candle and incense stick at the beginning of each session. These are the tools of my mystical Episcopal Christianity. Although they asked us not to leave any metal in the room that we did not necessarily need for the sessions, they made me wear my little gold chain with its hanging cross. Your consideration reassured me a lot. For their way of thinking, belief systems exist for the purpose of arranging the subject matter of metaphysical, spiritual, or religious belief in such a way that it makes sense to us so that we can ponder the concepts involved. If we are already working with a belief system that works for us, encourage us to keep that system. They put this system into context by calling it a personal myth rather than the truth. This expresses their opinion, which is that all religious belief systems are the personal choice of means that a person employs in moving into the realms of the archetypal mind. They see religious belief systems as structures through which we can look to the roots of our own deep minds. Whatever our belief system, the Alliance encourages all seekers of the truth to act on the basis of these beliefs by establishing a rule or pattern of life that supports the long and time-consuming process of seeking the truth. When I go to church, I seek the truth. I hear Bible readings. I sing uplifting songs and psalms. I listen to sermons. The whole time I look for resonance, that spark that says: Listen to me! However, the church is not the only place the covenant proposes for us to seek the truth. Thinking in their way, truth awaits seekers everywhere: in conversations with our friends; in signs and symbols on which our gaze falls; in the appearance of our totems or animal spirit guides and in discoveries of interesting coincidences. They suggest that the universe is an interactive system that responds to our search and desire. According to what you want most deeply, turn 19

20 INTRODUCTION to people and situations. For the Alliance, all life, in its rich detail, is animated with information. What religions and the covenant teachings have in common is that they believe the importance of worshiping the One Creator, not occasionally, but every day. This worship can be very simple. Praying a prayer at the beginning and at the end of the day is a substantial beginning of an offering of daily worship. The fundamental goal of a life lived in faith is to retrain the mind from habits based on fear to habits based on love, and from carelessness in life to responsible management of one's precious time in incarnation . We are born into a secular world that does not know how to worship higher things. Our culture trains us to value and strive for money, property, power, romantic love, and security. Yet there remains an instinctive, deeply natural desire to live holy. If you look at the arc and breadth of human societies on earth, you will find that they have all developed a system of religious or spiritual belief and worship. Indeed, a person is fortunate to be able to worship the Creator in the form of the Church of their childhood. The seeker who finds a religious system, which, even if not originally in their culture, nevertheless satisfies this desire for truth and gives them a way to live a holy life every day, is also blessed with happiness. For most of us, however, there is no matching pair between the religions out there and the needs of our deeper natures to know the truth. Religion like established organizations just doesn't work for many people these days. The Alliance and New Age It is true that a new age has been born and your planet is currently in labor with this new world. And so you too are in labor within you giving birth to a new and hopefully more spiritually oriented being by finding ways while making decisions to become more real. 20th

21 INTRODUCTION How do you build a road between the mundane of making a living and the fourth density of love unconditionally given and received? Each of you has a part in the answer to this, for each of you is working to pave this road now with your thoughts, with your beliefs and with your doubts. 6 Just as religion has adopted some key concepts such as the afterlife and good and bad and marked them as religious, so New Age spirituality has adopted other concepts such as rebirth, the oneness of all things and karma and made them dogmas. In this report, I would like to shake off and emotionally neutralize religious and New Age connections, making them more helpful concepts for our contemplation in seeking the truth for ourselves. The Alliance talks a lot about New Age. Like the New Age cultural cliché, it is based on a specific time: the winter solstice. This is the point where the Age of Pisces in classical Western astrology ends and the Age of Aquarius begins. This date is our earth's graduation day. The covenant suggests that by that date it will be necessary for each of us to have made choices about how to live our lives. The following chapters of this book deal with this choice.In this report, I am going to separate these various ideas from their surrounding dogma and simply give them back to you as ideas to ponder. The ideas themselves are part of this overall picture of how things work, which the Covenant teachings have put together in a systematic and internally coherent worldview. Please prepare to rethink some old and familiar ideas! It'll take some stretching! At least it did for me. However, the advantage of this worldview is that once you understand your Big Picture 7, what happens day after day begins to make a kind of sense that is very refreshing and supportive. 6 The Q uo group, channeled by L / L Research on February 4th the big picture (the big picture) 21

INTRODUCTION The Covenant and the Harvest Contemplate death while keeping the principle of perfect love in mind, knowing that death is only a transformation. Because perfect love does not destroy, but only transforms and changes. 8 At any time, death is a powerful transformation for all of us. And it comes for all of us! To be born is a death sentence. None of us know the length of his or her life. We only know that one day we will stop breathing and walk from this mortal world, just as we took our first breath in at a time when we entered it, fresh from our mothers' bellies. The covenant describes a normal process in which the consciousness leaves the physical body in its soul body after physical death and enters a time of healing where the soul being, which is the real self, examines the just past incarnation, a new plan for Forms learning and service and comes back to incarnation to pursue one's goals again. The soul body usually separates from the physical body at or near the time of physical death and carries on with its tasks without any interruption in its consciousness. Death, according to the covenant, is not something to fear, but rather a time of liberation, healing, and renewal. At this time, however, we humans have a special opportunity to be harvested immediately after death. According to the covenant, we will reincarnate many times within this present world, preparing for a harvest or closure from this density to the next, from the density of choice or third density to the density of love or fourth density. We have the opportunity to move forward now as we step through the gates of our natural time of death. The covenant describes a process of walking the levels of light to test our harvest maturity. In case you like the concept of the Gate of Heaven, put this gate, in your mind, in a place along 8 From the reading for August 24th in A Book of Days; Channelings from the Holy Spirit, edited by L / L Research. 22nd

23 INTRODUCTION to these degrees of light that is between this present third density world and the fourth density heavenly world. Each of these light levels has a somewhat denser supply of light and love that are contained in the light that falls on that level. Because of this, each level is hotter, brighter, more penetrating or full of light and love. These gradations of light along the steps are carefully guarded so that we can get a true walk in the thickening sunshine. When we are at the most comfortable of these levels of light, we stop. If this stage we stopped at is still third density, then we have not successfully made our choices and so we will work another cycle of years on the lessons that will lead us to that defining choice. If the level at which we stopped is beyond that Heavenly Gate, then we have successfully made our choice and moved on to fourth density, the density of love. We were harvested! We graduated! The Alliance channelings say that fourth density is actually heaven compared to this world. The veil is lifted and we can remember the full range of our experiences, all life and all learning. Our possibilities increase greatly so that as disembodied beings we can move forward to teach or seek further learning and service within the inner planes. We can become guardians of earth like this. We can act as beacons and constantly offer praise to the Creator like angels do. Fourth density is a most creative and free place compared to our earth world. We can begin to study the paths of love and knowledge as students in fourth density light bodies. We can also choose to come back as fourth density hikers or earth helpers to help earth move into fourth density love consciousness. The so-called indigo children, in their various groups, are such beings. Whether 2012 includes the literal end of life as we know it on planet Earth, or whether there is still enough time to naturally end our lives, the choices we make between now and 2012 will be our final choices in 23

24 INTRODUCTION to this life to prepare for its conclusion at this particular time of harvest. This book, and the two books that follow it, are brief courses in preparing for the harvest. In this issue, The 1x1: The Choice, I'll focus on the main details of making that choice. She is the bullet 9, as medical emergency personnel call the package with vital information about the health of a patient, which is given when a patient is brought by the ambulance to the emergency room. Our entire human tribe on planet earth is in an emergency situation. If we are to go through the harvest and complete it successfully, we need information about our situation and how we can respond best to it. We should do this pretty quickly, before And luckily for all of us we can do this. Nothing is holding us back. We simply need to form a desire to complete the learning curve of reading this book, gain an understanding of the situation that satisfies us, and decide how we will choose to respond to it. In a way, the picture that appears is that of a certain kind of game. In this book I will share with you what I understand so far about the rules of this game. The rules are simple. In a different way, the picture that emerges is that of a cosmic school with a particular curriculum learned in a particular order. I will share with you what I understand about this curriculum so far and how the school is going. My hope is that you will find this information useful and helpful. 9 (weapon) bullet, but also bullet point 24

25 Chapter 1 The First Three Distortions of the Law of One The GAME BOARD of Unity Why did the Creator choose to create creations? Our comment often goes in the direction that the Creator tries to gain knowledge and awareness of His Self. The Creator desires to know himself. Hence, He is sending parts of Himself forward within the illusion to see what will happen and to learn from the colors that are generated in the range of feelings that you have created through many experiences and incarnations. This palette contains your beauty which is unique to you so that you can teach the Creator what no one else in all of creation can teach. Because you are the only one of you in the whole, infinite universe. Hence, the gift to the Creator that comes from you is most greatly desired. You cannot please the Creator by being someone else, but only by being most truly and deeply yourself. 10 In the introduction, I said that the information in this book would help you live well. It will help you become familiar with the rules of the game on the board. It's about being able to make informed choices in life. And it's about knowing why. Throughout this book, I will use the terms GAME and GAME BOARD, in capital letters, to talk about spiritual search and making THE CHOICE. I use the normally written terms game, game board and choice to describe over 10 The Q uo group, channeled in an L / L Research transcription, dated July 17th

26 CHAPTER 1: THE FIRST THREE DISTORTIONS OF THE LAW OF ONE speaking the decisions we make within our flat board society without considering spiritual values. The SPIEL DES LEBENS is about becoming an ethically motivated human being. The game of life we ​​are already familiar with is about getting through, amassing resources, and taking care of our families. This normally written board inevitably leads us into spiritual crises. However, it does not provide us with clear guidelines for making decisions. Familiarizing you with the GAME is my job here. As I speak, remember that I am talking about spiritual quest, which is a very different GAME than what we are playing before realizing our ethics and our desire to know the truth. In this chapter we will look at some features of the GAME BOARD that describe the sources of the alliance. The first feature of the GAME BOARD to report is its quality of uniformity. For the Alliance, all of creation is an organism, an energy field, and an object. Each individual object in creation has its own energy field. We have many energy fields in our physical body, in its organs and tissues. Our body has a main energy field which contains all the subfields of organs and tissues by nestling them in itself. The skin represents the limit of our individual, physical energy field. The energy fields within our body work together for the integrated health of the whole body. All other humans, plants and animals that have physical bodies also have these nested energy fields. All of the energy fields of these plants and animals, plus the forces of nature such as wind, fire, water and earth, are wrapped in the energy field of the planet itself. Our sun has its own energy field, and this field envelops our earth and the other planets and other celestial bodies that orbit it in its field. The energy field of the Milky Way Galaxy envelops the energy fields of our sun and all other suns and even other celestial bodies like black holes, as if they were organs of their body. 26

27 CHAPTER 1: THE FIRST THREE DISTORTIONS OF THE LAW OF ONE At the end of the order of magnitude, all of the energy fields of the universe are enveloped in the one great thought or logos, which is the point the covenant beings go to when they come from the Creator or the Principle of Divinity speak in a personal sense. The Alliance information suggests that metaphysically speaking, you and I, and this planet, are all one being. You and I and every other soul on earth are one with every animal and every plant and every element and every natural force that is part of the environment of planet earth. The connection is unity. The Ra alliance group says: You are every thing, every being, every feeling, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are light / love, love / light. You are. This is the law of one. 11 All of the great world religions have a mystical aspect to them that represents an underlying unity of creation. Many also have a dogmatic aspect and this aspect typically divides people into believers and non-believers of this religious dogma. This separation, if not accompanied by tolerance, increases the disposition to judgment and also, ultimately, conflict. Believers condemn non-believers as unworthy and in need of correction. When two religiously oriented nation-states decide to live out this lack of tolerance, crusades and pogroms can occur. The ideology of true believers makes it harder to develop a peaceful world. This underlying unity of all creation is perhaps closest to the Scriptures at the beginning of the Gospel of John, in which it says: In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In the beginning it was with God. Everything came into being through the word, and without the word nothing came into being. There was life in him; and life was man's light. 12 Apostle John says that the Word is in the Creator. And indeed, this word or creative principle can be understood as the Creator Himself 11 Ra, The Law of One, Book I, channeled through L / L Research, Jan 15, John 1: 1-4, quoted from the United States' 27

28 CHAPTER 1: THE FIRST THREE DISTORTIONS OF THE LAW OF ONE BE. This word is a direct translation of the Greek word logos, which is the term the Ra group uses for the creative principle. From religion we can therefore see references to this concept that all things are one "thing": the creation of the Father. The description of ourselves, as children of God, also creates this recognition of our unity as a family, a body of humanity. From the standpoint of our culture, the idea that we are together on earth as a single organism is therefore not an expansive stretch. The Game Board - The Scientific Version By taking the inner experience as seriously as the outer, a new generation of scientists are engaged in research projects inspired by cultures with long experience of studying inner worlds, building important bridges to spiritual traditions. From this new perspective, everything perceptible in our universe and on our planet organizes and creates itself within and from a common field of oneness, now referred to in physics as the zero-point energy field. New theories are emerging that challenge the doctrine of a universe slipping into the insignificance of entropy and instead see a dynamic balance of forces. 13 In high schools we hear about science and the scientific method. There we learn the central assumption of classical science, which is that there is a world out there that has nothing to do with us or with what we think. The scientific process is to observe naturally occurring phenomena in the external world until you have enough information to derive a hypothesis about what you are observing. Then experiments are carried out that support or refute the hypothesis. The classical scientist is as happy with an incorrect answer as he is with a correct one. 13 From an article on the website used with the kind permission of the author 28