When do you realize that you are important

This is how a man acts who really cares about you.

He takes time for you.
If he really loves you, he won't keep trying to make excuses that he's too busy seeing you. A man who cares about you will make time for you in his everyday life. He wouldn't risk making you feel like other things are more important to him.

He communicates with you on a constant level.
Even if he cannot stay in contact with you at all times of the day (because he also has a life), he will contact you as soon as he can, between lessons, breaks at work or a "good morning" message in passing, should always be there before his day begins. If you are really important to him, he will want to make sure that you are aware that you are on his mind and that you are a part of his everyday life, even when you are not next to him.

He wants to do a lot with you.
If you are important to him, he will not always do something spontaneously with you, he will take more time and make an effort to plan something especially for you both. Because the time he spends with you is important to him and it shouldn't be everyday. Believe it or not, there are men out there who can plan for weeks on a date just so the woman can have a wonderful day with them.

He also remembers the details you tell him.
If you tell him about your favorite movie, he'll remember it and surprise you one night by selecting it on Netflix to watch with you. If you tell him about your favorite singer, he'll remember that too, and get you the new album as soon as it's available.

It's not just about sex.
If you have slept together, there is no such reticent behavior on his part in the days after. With him you won't have to wait for his answers or for him to call you back. He will contact you of his own accord, because sex with you was not his only goal. He would like to get to know you as a person.

He won't be ashamed to introduce you to his friends.
If he really cares about you, he will want you to be a part of his world and that means you will get to know his friends. He wants you to get to know his social environment and get along well with the people who are important to him as well as you, because he wants to include you in all areas of his life. He does not separate his world from the world with you.

He will tell you all about his life.
If a man really trusts you and wants to build a stable relationship with you, then there is nothing taboo and that includes deepest fears or things that he would not tell anyone else, especially anyone who is not important to him.

If he lets you in on his life story, his way of thinking and his view of life, then he does it because he feels comfortable with you and he wants to get to know you on all levels. He is a grown and mature man who really cares about you.

Your opinion is important to him.
He'll ask you how you like the shirt he's wearing or that pointless thing he just bought, or he'll want to know what you're up for this weekend. He really wants to know what you think and what makes you happy. You are not a mere support in his life, no, you are his independent partner with whom he shares his life.

Not only does he tell you often, but he shows you mean a lot to him.
When you are with a man who really cares about you, you can feel it in your gut feeling, it never disappoints you. You will never feel bad about him, he will not confuse you with his behavior, he will not suddenly change his feelings towards you. He remains consistent and stable about his opinion about you. If you have a man like that in your life then hold onto him because he really cares about you. You can get my book here.

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