Where can you download advice documents

Download of tender documents in electronic form

On the tendering platform of the State of Berlin, the tender documents are available free of charge, unrestricted, complete and directly for downloading for electronic tendering procedures.

  • Research:
    In the menu item “Publications” you will find information about all current award procedures. Here you can view the announcement as well as the complete associated tender documents with all the necessary forms without having to register beforehand.
  • Registration:
    We urgently recommend that you register your company once free of charge on the Berlin procurement platform in order to be informed about changes or additions to the procurement procedure.
    Registration is also a prerequisite for your company's participation in the electronic procurement procedure. You can find information on this under the menu item “Registration”.
  • Download the documents:
    Log in with your user name and password for your bidding area of ​​the Berlin tendering platform on the iTWO tender company portal and load the tender documents onto your computer. Only registered users receive tender documents that can be processed electronically and are able to submit electronic requests to participate and offers.

You will find more information on this in the next step, submitting requests to participate and offers.