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The best websites for learning a new language

If you would do that with the vast amount of information on the internet, learning a new language would be easy. However, the availability of all of this information is part of the problem. We scoured the depths of the internet to compile this list of the best websites for learning a new language.

Duolingo: Best for most people

Duolingo is one of the most popular websites to learn a new language for free. Designed primarily for the hobbyist, Duolingo will teach you the most basic words in the language of your choice to begin with. Once you are comfortable with the words, simple sentences follow. This is a more natural way of learning a language than a normal learning process.

The strength of Duolingo lies in the way it is made of the material. You'll take classes with native speakers followed by quizzes to improve your learning. The app listens to you as you speak so you can tell how far you have progressed. It even uses repetition with intervals (where you review the previous material at gradually decreasing intervals) to strengthen your learning. Adding gamification elements like study strips and grading to the lesson help keep things interesting.

However, duoling also has disadvantages. It's great for getting you started on the basics of a new language, but not on more advanced subjects. Once you have a certain level of command of the language, at some point you will have to switch to another service.

Duolingo is free for the Internet, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

FluentU: Learn by Watching Foreign Language Videos

FluentU teaches you new languages ​​through videos. The videos are not instructional videos, but normal videos in the foreign language. For example, you might see a movie clip, a music video, or just a person speaking. The videos have interactive subtitles to help you learn the language. The subtitles are displayed in both languages ​​(which you know and which you want to learn). You can mouse over any word to understand its meaning. Interactive tests help you measure your progress.

FluentU isn't free, but it does offer a 15-day trial so you can review. After that, there is a basic $ 10 per month plan that lets you use their mobile apps (iOS and Android) that offers unlimited word searches and unlimited videos. A plus plan of USD 20 per month offers an unlimited number of flashcards and quizzes as well as repetitions at intervals.

Rype: Get a Personal Instructor

Rype is another language learning website with an interesting business model. Instead of using quizzes or videos to teach a new language, learn via a video call from a personal teacher. You are planning a 30- or 60-minute call with a teacher who will teach you the language in person. They don't offer as many languages ​​as other websites, but plan to add more languages ​​in the future.

Aside from languages, you can also study academic subjects in the same way.

Rype offers a compelling and personal learning method, but it comes at a price. After a seven-day trial, you'll pay nearly $ 65 a month to use the service.

Memrise: Use Word Games To Learn

Memrise is another language learning website designed for getting started in a language rather than real fluency. Similar to Duolingo, you learn a language by playing word games that will help you memorize the language with ease. You can keep learning on the go with the apps. Offline mode is also supported.

The basic functions can be used free of charge. the Pro version costs $ 4.95 a month. With the Pro version you have access to a grammar robot, listening exercises, a video mode and analysis of your learning performance.

Babbel: Pick a topic that interests you

Babbel takes an individual approach to teaching you new languages. Instead of starting with the same words as everyone else, you can choose a topic to learn about. Some examples of topics are animals, food, travel, and lifestyle. Once you have chosen a topic, the first thing you will do is learn the vocabulary for that topic, which will keep the lessons interesting and useful.

A subscription to Babbel costs $ 12.95 per month and drops when you purchase a longer subscription. There's no free trial, but they do offer a 20-day money-back guarantee.

Photo credit: Cover photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash