Foursquare is still growing

Foursquare Day soon to be Facebook Day?

Foursquare is growing rapidly. On the occasion of yesterday's Foursquare Day, according to, impressive numbers were celebrated: 20 million users and 2.5 billion check-ins (local activities) could be initiated. Allegedly, the social network records around one million new customers per month and has doubled its number of users since May 2011.

New interface to Facebook

In the course of the Open Graph app, the correspondences between the Foursquare service and the Facebook chronicle seem obvious - what belongs together grows together.

Foursquare, which is mainly based on mobile applications for smartphones, backberries, etc. based, already has three million monthly active users via the aforementioned interface. Comparisons with Pinterest (8.2 million) or the recently incorporated Instagram (12.6 million) make not only the operators dream. Facebook will not miss this enormous influx either, because both networks benefit from each other not only with this interface. The so-called place feature, i.e. the Facebook networking with the localities of the individual users, would be decisively expanded and intensified.

Facebook Offers

The mobile advertising market also seems to have just been waiting for Foursquare. It remains to be seen how the check-ins can be linked to the offers via discount offers, provided that the growth trends continue or even skyrocket.

As is so often the case, it remains to be observed in particular how the activity rates will develop with all the growth - then it may soon be more than just an interface.