Is bowling with both hands wrong?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which bowling ball should I take?

There are different weights, from 6 to 16 pounds. You have different colors with us. While the 6 pound balls are especially for children, 11 to 16 pounds are played by teenagers and adults. In general, the lighter the ball, the smaller the holes and the distance between them.

The most important thing is how well the ball fits in your hand. If the ball does not fit, even a lighter ball will feel uncontrollable and too heavy. Pick up the ball, insert your thumb, middle and ring fingers into the holes. If the ball lies comfortably and the holes are not too narrow for your fingers, then it is the right one.

If the holes are too close together, you'll have to clench your hand to hold the ball tight. If they're too far apart, the drill edges will cut into your hand, which will also be uncomfortable.

In the entrance area of ​​the center you will find an overview of our house balls with personal recommendations regarding ball weight.

What difference do the weights of the balls make?

According to Newton's physics, there is more energy in a heavier ball at the same speed. Lighter balls are more easily deflected by the pins, so they don't go straight through the pins. The heavier, the straighter a ball goes through the pins.

But what is better now? In bowling, it is much more important to hit the pins correctly than to hit them with a lot of force. If a heavy ball hits the middle at high speed, it can cause everything to stop left and right. A lighter ball can deflect sideways and in this case will likely take the pins with it on one side that the heavier ball would leave.
If the "alley" is hit at the right angle, a light ball can be deflected too much, thus preventing a strike.

But overall, power is nothing without control.

Why is it only allowed to play with bowling shoes?

Bowling shoes protect the floor covering in front of the lane with their soles (the so-called run-up). They are made of leather, so they don't scratch the smooth surface. They are also intentionally slippery, not to make the game more difficult. When starting up correctly, the speed of the body is slowed down by the standing leg. By sliding you protect your joints and a flowing sequence of movements is made possible.

Why are you not allowed to go outside with bowling shoes?

The rental shoes have an unsealed leather sole that can be damaged by moisture on the street. In addition, soiling of the soles can damage the approach.

Why is it not allowed to enter the train?

The lane is coated with an oil so that the bowling balls do not damage the lane - in contrast to bowling alleys. This oil makes the track extremely slippery and there is a high risk of slipping and injury. If you injure yourself there, you are responsible.

In addition, only individual parts of the track area are suitable for supporting the weight of a person. Under certain circumstances, the structure can be damaged if the wrong point is stepped on. Improper use of the track leads to liability.

Not all pins are set up at the beginning of a frame, what can I do?

There is a gray reset button on the ball return (where the balls come out of the system). When you press the, the machine sets the pins up again.

Despite a reset, not all pins are set up, what can I do?

Please inform our staff. The error will then be corrected immediately. In general, do not be afraid to inform our staff if you have any problems. Unfortunately, we cannot always tell when a machine is not working properly. Your report helps us to resolve problems quickly.

After a throw, the barrier stays down, what can I do?

Please inform our staff. The error will then be corrected immediately. Throwing a ball against the barrier will helpNotto unblock. In the worst case, you will destroy the machine and have to be held responsible for it.

The screen shows a stop sign and “10th frame reset” - what does that mean?

In the 10th round (the last) you have up to 3 throws (if a strike has been thrown, or in the 2nd throw all pins have been cleared). If not all pins were cleared in the last throw, the machine takes a little longer to set up all pins again for the next throw.

Wait until the screen and the barrier are ready again. Do not press the reset button, everything is in order.

How do I start a new game?

The monitor shows "Throw a ball for the next game" and a pin in the hammock. This means that you should throw a ball for the next game. Danger! The throw counts for your next game.

We want to start a new game, but the kids bumpers are not up.

If children's bumpers are activated for the first player, but not for the last, the bumper did not go up for the first throw. With further throws it works as usual. We therefore recommend that players who want to bowl with bumpers are always entered in the middle of the game.

It looks similar - exactly the other way around - when the last player has switched on the bumpers. Then the first throw with a bumper. The best order is therefore 1. Player without bumper, further players with bumper, last again without.

Balls that have been thrown do not come back / the web swallows balls, what should I do?

Please inform our staff immediately, who will fix the problem immediately. Usually a pin is then in the return of the ball, which blocks the return flow.

Under no circumstances should you throw more balls afterwards, this would only lead to further jams, longer troubleshooting and, under certain circumstances, damage.

The balls fall from the ball rest / How many balls can be used at the same time?

The ball rest holds a maximum of 12 balls, you are not allowed to use more. If balls fall from the ball rest, it means that the ball rest has been overloaded.

Such incorrect operation can result in personal injury and material damage, e.g. if a ball falls on your foot. Since we cannot be held liable for operating errors, please make sure that you have a maximum of 12 balls on a ball rest.

The machine stops setting pins, what's going on?

Please inform our staff who will address this issue immediately. This error usually happens when a pin slips into the machine upside down, causing a pin jam.

Also good to know ...

There are 24 pins in every machine, not just the 10 that are set up at the beginning of a game. This means that the pins can be preloaded in the machine for the next set-up while you are still making a throw.

I threw a ball against the barrier and it's on the lane now, what should I do?

It happens of course that a ball accidentally hits the barrier. Please inform our staff immediately. If you continue to play even though there is still a ball on the lane, the material may be damaged and the other players may be endangered.

Why are children's birthday parties only offered from the age of 5?

Even the lightest balls require a certain amount of strength and control, so bowling isn't fun until you have that level. While our kites are helping to hold and aim, it is important to us that the children can understand what is happening so that they can have fun.