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Do RFID blocking wallets work?

by Product Review Lad |Last updated: March 14, 2021

In the past, buying a wallet was a lot easier. You had to find a wallet that contains everything you need and that looks aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, due to the credit card skimming, this is no longer the case. With the rise in credit card skimming, a new invention has been created to combat the problem: an RFID barrier wallet.

RFID blocking / jamming wallets are designed to intercept high frequency readers, especially those operating at 13.56 MHz, the frequency of contactless bank cards. To better protect yourself, this article introduces the best RFID barrier wallets, purses, and barrier sleeves available.

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What is credit card skimming?

With card skimming, an unauthorized person receives your card details using an RFID reader in the immediate vicinity of your bank cards. A card skimmer is a small electrical device like a card machine that you can get at Walmart. The problem is that these devices can be much smaller and undetectable at a glance.

Skimming over maps is a bigger problem than most people realize. CNBC has reported that flying over it has cost people over $ 2 billion worldwide. A video from Inside Edition highlights how easy it is to scan maps in public.

Why should you worry about credit card skimming?

As the use of contactless card transactions increases, the risk of card skipping only increases. Contactless cards have been around in the UK for some time, with almost $ 7m stolen in the first half of 2016 (source: Telegraph). Contactless payments are usually limited to under $ 100. If someone tries to scan your map, chances are they are. Usually, if you find you've been overflown you can get your money back, but it can take a lot of effort.

How to protect yourself from credit card skimming

The first thing you need to do is be aware of electronic pickpockets, but unfortunately they are not that easy to spot. What you need to do is be aware of the people around you and watch out for anyone who acts suspiciously.

The second thing to do is have your cards with you only when you need them. The more you have your cards with you, the more likely it is that you will scan your card. If you carry your cards in a pocket, keep the cards as close to the center as possible. This is because RFID cards have a short reading range and are located in the middle of a pocket, which makes it very difficult to skim the cards.

The last and most important tip is. Always use a wallet, case, or purse that is RFID-blocked when carrying your cards. These items are the best protection for you as they make it very difficult to fly over a map.

What is RFID blocking?

An RFID blocking wallet is specially designed to keep your cards secure. Minimize the risk of your card being flown over by potential thieves. Many travel guides recommend using RFID blocking / jamming technology, especially when traveling. These wallets use a Faraday cage to create a virtual protective shield around your bank cards and protect them from high frequency readers.

How do RFID blocking wallets work?

RFID that serves your cards stands for Radio Frequency Identification. In order for shops to take payments, they use machines that read the radio frequency of your card. That is exactly what card skimmers do.

Radio waves are low in frequency and long in wavelength, which means they have low energy levels. A low energy level means they have a low level of penetration and therefore can be blocked relatively easily.

An RFID blocking wallet works like a Faraday cage. The RFID blocking folder, the wallet and the card sleeves use an outer cage-like structure made of a conductive material. This protects the contents from electromagnetic waves and creates an isolated interior.

Do RFID blocking wallets work?

In short, yes, they work. In reality, some work better than others due to the design structure of the conductive materials. Some products have better blocking ability due to the choice of material and material cover. For this reason, we are going to show you the best RFID blocking folders.

Best RFID Blocker Products

Men's Mt Eston RFID Blocking Men's Leather Wallet

For me this wallet is in a league of its own and really deserves the title of the best wallet for RFID blocking. It offers excellent protection against card skimmers and is made of high quality leather with brilliant stitching. I was so impressed by this wallet that it has become my personal wallet that I use every day. See our full review of the men's wallet here.

Women Fossil Emma RFID Zip Wallet

Fossil has a long history of manufacturing high quality goods. Emma's wallets are no exception. It's a bigger wallet than some of its 12-card and high-quality leather competitors. On the back of the wallet there is a zippered interchangeable compartment in which many coins can be stored. It's easy to use and not as tight as most of its competitors. See our full review of the wallet for women here.

RFID blocking card

Signal Red is our RFID blocking card of choice. It provides excellent blocking capability for all 13.56 MHz devices that are manufactured to a high standard while being competitively priced. See our full review of the RFID Blocking Card here.

RFID blocking sleeves

If you don't want the size of an RFID blocking wallet but still want your cards to be protected, a case might be perfect for you. These are slim, light and great for stopping card skimmers.

For a full review of the RFID locking sleeve, check out this article.

Alpine Rivers offer the best sleeves on the market. With the purchase you get 14 cardholders and 4 passport protectors.

When using these card sleeves it should be noted that the card may start to print the details on the sleeve. This should only occur when there is pressure on the case, so I wouldn't use this regularly if I was keeping the card in a wallet.

Overall, these RFID locking sleeves are especially good if you're trying to travel lightly. I can only recommend Alpine Rivers.

Closing remarks

Hopefully this article has as much information on skimming maps and quitting skimming as you need. Another set of RFID products that could be stolen is your vehicle tag, and most importantly, your vehicle. Vehicle theft by relay attacks has increased dramatically in recent years. While the security of the vehicle manufacturers is lacking, to stop relay attacks you should check this page.

If you have any questions, recommendations or anything else, please contact me through my contact page.

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Does RFID block bluetooth?

The answer to this question depends on your budget. Most wallets with RFID blocking materials only block 13.56 MHz, some block between around 10 and 30 MHz. Since Bluetooth works at a much higher frequency of 2.45 GHz, most wallets don't block Bluetooth.

If you are looking for a wallet to block bluetooth signals, Mt Eston is the wallet of choice as they block frequencies between 10 MHz and 3 GHz. Mt Eston offers the best wallet on the market with amazing quality and blocking capabilities.

What does RFID blocking mean?

RFID blocking means that something can stop radio frequency identification (RFID). Some devices, such as contactless credit cards, book scanners in libraries, and parts stored in manufacturing facilities, use RFID to identify linked information. For example, RFID blocking prevents this information from becoming visible when bank account numbers and routing codes are used.

Does leather block RFID?

In short, leather partially blocks RFID. RFID has a relatively short range of several centimeters. Leather helps create a protective shield that slightly reduces this distance. A Faraday cage is required to completely block RFID signals. All RFID blocking folders contain a kind of Faraday cage.

RFID blocking material for wallets

Most purses use a foil-like material with a mixture of copper and aluminum. This is covered with a synthetic material, usually Tyvek. This barrier film is sewn into the inside of the wallet and is not visible.

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