Does social selling work?

Social Selling: B2B & B2C business relationships in the social network

Step 1: Listen & identify

The first step should always be the so-called Social listening be: Because listening is the new way of selling. Instead of rushing forward with brisk advertising messages, social selling is more about it active listening. If you listen correctly, you will gain valuable insights. Because potential customers naturally express their concerns, wishes and ideas on the social network. So: The attentive seller listens and analyzes the needs and wishes of his target group. All other measures taken by the company are geared towards this.

Step 2: Build reputation

As a basis for building a trustworthy relationship, you as a brand or company have to have a certain amount Build reputation. To establish yourself as an expert in your field, of course high quality content With added value for the user in focus. After you have created your own blog articles or guest posts, you bring the relevant content into circulation and place it in the appropriate context.

Step 3: Forge relationships

You have already got a feeling for your target group and in the second step you have given them a reason to actually listen. Now the crucial phase begins: It's about building a strong relationship. This is about more than just Like, share and comment, it has to be a correct one Interaction with customers occur. Anyone who provides useful information, tells authentic stories and deals with generally interesting topics will find it easier to enter into an exciting and constructive dialogue with their customers. Important: It's about getting in touch with one another, not communicating in one direction according to the one-to-many principle.