How healthy are protein bars

Protein bar: protein with a lot of sugar

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by Jessica Osterm√ľnchner

Protein bars are said to be good for fitness and muscle building, also in the context of diets with few carbohydrates ("low carb"). In a sample, fitness expert Jannik Schöning and nutritionist Ute Hantelmann compare five protein bars:

  • Wellmix from Rossmann for 0.49 euros
  • Vitalis Power from Aldi for 0.57 euros
  • Sportness from dm for 0.95 euros
  • Power System Professional bars from Rewe for 1.45 euros
  • Power Bar from Edeka for 1.79 euros

Protein made from milk, whey and gelatin

There is a simple rule of thumb for the body's protein requirements - one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Protein is the most important part of protein bars. Whey protein, which is also contained in milk protein, has a particularly high biological value. The body can use it to produce a lot of its own protein. The body cannot produce its own protein from the ingredient collagen hydrolyzate (gelatine). So it is worth choosing a bar whose main components are milk and whey protein.

Protein bars contain sugar

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), those who want to live healthily should consume a maximum of ten percent of their daily calories in the form of sugar. It is even better to reduce the sugar to a maximum of 25 grams per day. That corresponds to about nine sugar cubes. The Edeka Power Bar alone already contains the equivalent of seven sugar cubes. The Sportness from dm contains only half a lump of sugar, but the sugar substitute maltitol. This can cause abdominal pain and, in large quantities, have a laxative effect.

Conclusion: pay attention to the sugar content and source of protein

Those who already consume enough protein in the form of meat, dairy products, nuts and legumes do not have to cover their protein needs with special bars. Nevertheless, protein bars can be a healthier alternative to other sweets and support muscle building after exercise. However, you should pay attention to the lowest possible sugar content and a high-quality source of protein such as milk or whey.

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