Fire safety training is important for everyone

Fire protection training: safety for guests and employees

Holger Petersen takes care of it. Also about the safety of his guests and employees. For this reason, he recently organized a fire protection briefing with the support of the volunteer fire brigades in Holtsee, Haby and Sehestedt in cooperation with the fire protection officers in the Hüttener Berge office.

Firefighting supervisor Michael Möller leads the fire protection briefing. Photos: eidermedia / Henze

Takeaway employee Kristine carefully studies a car accident card. The safety briefing carried out by fire-fighting master Michael Möller affected much more than just fire protection in and around the Sehesteder snack bar. Its boss Holger Petersen had gathered his employee in the common room of the KanalTreff, in which competent theoretical instruction with practical examples was offered for almost two hours.

Kristine studies the car accident card

How should one behave in the event of a fire, how can fires arise at all - often negligently by the way - and how can initial attempts to extinguish the fire actually look like. All topics that Löschmeister Möller could go into in detail.

A group from the Sehestedt volunteer fire brigade was supposed to secure the simulated grease fire.

The presentation of different fire classes with the indication of which extinguishing agents are required was an important aspect, because anyone who pours water into burning oil (for example, inflamed fat in a deep fryer) has only given the fire devil joy and accelerated the fire properly and as a result Put people in unnecessary danger.

The snack staff are instructed in the operation of the hand fire extinguishers.

Sehestedt's fire department chief Christian Gothmann.

Unfortunately, the practical demonstration of a grease fire had to be omitted because the exercise device was defective, but this part of the practical instruction should be made up for. In fact, all participants were able to learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

For Holger Petersen it is clear: "The safety of the guests and employees is important to all of us, that's why we are grateful to the voluntary fire brigades from Holtsee, Haby and Sehestedt for this training." And he was able to emphatically underline this thanks, namely with a proper one Load of currywurst and fries for everyone. whe


And here is the video for the fire protection briefing: