When will Google buy Jawbone

Offer from Google: is Jawbone for sale?

05/24/14 from

Elisabeth Oberndorfer

The rumor mill is simmering: Google and other companies are showing interest in hardware manufacturer Jawbone. Which deals would make sense?

Billions offered by Google

The consumer electronics industry is currently very popular: After the headphone manufacturer Beats is soon to move into the ownership of Apple, the next manufacturer of sound solutions is apparently in takeover talks. Jawbone was rumored to have received a multi-billion dollar offer from Google. Not much is known about this deal yet, but it seems like the speaker and smartband maker is looking for a buyer.

With the "Up", the San Francisco-based company launched its first fitness tracker almost three years ago. The wearable segment in particular is likely to be an important market for Google, after all, the search engine company is still waiting for its own hardware solutions. Jawbone's product portfolio could also fit into the tech giant's smart home projects. A few months ago, Google took over Nest, a startup that develops connected home solutions.

Other interested parties

Other industry giants are also said to have expressed interest in Jawbone. TechCrunch speculates, for example, that Apple has held talks with the hardware manufacturer. Another potential buyer would be Microsoft. The software group from Redmond has invested heavily in the expansion of the hardware area in the recent past - especially with the takeover by Nokia. However, Microsoft is still lagging behind in the wearable category.